Strong security means more than having powerful technology.

Our services help developers rapidly identify, understand and remediate critical vulnerabilities — and help transform decentralized, ad hoc application security processes into ongoing, policy-based governance.

Developer Coaching

Our specialized services help developers understand assessment results, prioritize remediation efforts and integrate with existing SDLC tools and processes.

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Program Management

Our Program Managers help you implement enterprise-wide governance models and day-to-day tactics to systematically reduce risk from application-layer attacks, based on best practices.

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Penetration Testing

Manual penetration testing adds the benefit of specialized human expertise to identifying vulnerabilities, which are consolidated with results from automated static and dynamic scans via our cloud-based platform.

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Third-Party Security

Whether you want to make sure all your vendor-supplied software is secure — or you’re a vendor who wants to prove your applications comply with security standards such as the OWASP Top 10 — we can help.

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Developer Training

CA Veracode Developer Training empowers developers, testers and security leads to develop secure applications, providing the critical skills they need to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

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