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A Family Of Products To Help Secure Your Web Applications


You want to have complete confidence that your web perimeter is secure. Having full visibility into all applications owned by your organization is critical to effectively manage your vulnerability risk. Veracode Web Application Scanning offers a unified Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution to find, secure, and monitor your entire portfolio of web applications. With Veracode, you are able to rapidly remediate vulnerabilities on both internal and external web applications, which significantly reduces your risk of a breach. Veracode Web Application Scanning is the security partner you need to be successful both now and into the future.


WAS Solutions Page - Discover and inventory ALL of your publicly facing web applications

Discover and inventory All of your publicly facing web applications

Our research has shown that Veracode Discovery helps our customers find up to 30-40% more websites on their perimeter than they knew they had. Veracode Discovery gives you the visibility you need by:
• Using web-application layer crawling, domain brute forcing, integrated web searches, and other unique approaches that discover more applications than traditional network-based scanning.
• Leveraging the Veracode Services team to ensure that Discovery scans run smoothly and return a comprehensive list of results.
• Limit your continued exposure. By knowing what’s on your perimeter, you can shut down old and unused websites, saving both costs and security time.

WAS Solutions Page - Automated scans save time and effort

Automated scans save time and effort

Spend less time managing the scanning process and more time on other important tasks using Veracode Dynamic Analysis’:

Recurring scheduling: Kick off scans automatically. With Veracode Dynamic Analysis, you set it and forget it. You can easily set up scans on a schedule that does not require continuous monitoring.

Scanning around IT maintenance windows: Dynamic scans can be scheduled  to ensure you don’t disrupt IT operations – without constantly checking in with IT. Plus, automated pause and resume features allows scans to shut off when they’re meant to. No monitoring required.

WAS Solutions Page - Onboard and scale with ease

Onboard and scale with ease

You don’t need to coordinate with development to hunt down code or binaries to start your dynamic scan. A Veracode Dynamic Analysis scan can be set up with just the URL.

When scanning multiple applications, you don’t have to upload them all at once – simply upload a .csv document to Dynamic Analysis with all of the URLs. Additionally, you can schedule a group of applications into a batch scan and scan multiple applications simultaneously. No matter the number of apps in your queue, you don’t have to wait for a scan to complete before starting the next one.

To scan apps behind a login screen,  Veracode Dynamic Scan Engineers will ensure that login scripts are adjusted to allow the scan to complete. You won’t spend time modifying the script yourself.

This means that you won’t need to spend hours trying to figure out what to fix and can instead spend your time focusing on other critical tasks.

WAS Solutions Page - Scan and fix all of your apps – faster

Scan and fix all of your apps – faster

Veracode Dynamic Analysis covers all apps, including difficult-to-scan applications like single page and large web apps, giving you more complete coverage and visibility into your overall risk. Keep your development teams moving with our redesigned scan engine that enables the scanner to rapidly crawl and audit pages, and return results faster than ever before. And our low false-positive rate (<1%) means your developers won’t spin their wheels chasing down non-existent threats.

WAS Solutions Page - A unified platform to streamline application security

A unified platform to streamline application security

The Veracode Application Security Platform provides you with a comprehensive view of your test results – static analysis, software composition analysis, manual penetration testing, and dynamic analysis – in one location.

• Prioritize your remediation with reports that are easy to understand and delegate to the teams responsible.
• Get a better understanding of your organization’s risk from development through production.
• Create and manage your organization’s security policies and ensure that every application is meeting your required policies.
• Get attestations for government and industry regulations and compliance policies.

WAS Solutions Page - AppSec pros help you achieve program success

AppSec pros help you achieve program success

Application security is not a simple problem, and success is about more than finding flaws; it’s also about fixing them. Veracode knows how daunting creating or expanding an application security program can be, which is why we encourage you to leverage our wide range of professional services:

• Every customer receives a program kick-off with quarterly status checks through our Security Program Management team. This team can help you whether you’re just starting out or if you are a seasoned application security team.
• Remediation is made easy by leveraging our Application Security Consultants. Any time your team wants additional support when working through a recommended remediation, the Application Security Consulting team is ready to assist through one-on-one remediation coaching sessions.
• Our full range of technical support ensures that everything is running smoothly. Even if something goes wrong, our Technical Support team is available 24/7 to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

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Don’t buy a tool, get a full-service solution

Many AppSec programs fail because companies buy tools, but they don’t have the bandwidth and specialized expertise to manage a program and service developer needs. Veracode Static Analysis is part of the Veracode Platform, which combines all major application security methodologies under one roof so you can manage risk across your entire application landscape.


• Extend your team with more than 400,000 hours of program management experience and security expertise
• Get visibility into application status across all testing types including DAST, SCA and MPT in one centralized view

Don’t buy a tool, get a full-service solution