The Open Source Library Conundrum:
Managing your Risk

Walk away with practical advice needed to keep coding quickly, and securely

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The Open Source Conundrum

More than ever, development groups are relying heavily on open source libraries to provide a rich feature set that can’t be built from scratch in a reasonable time. We recently conducted a survey of developers that found that 93 percent of respondents use commercial and/or open source components. At the same time, Veracode’s most recent scan data found that a whopping 88% of Java applications had at least one flaw in a component.
How can we keep innovating quickly without introducing vulnerabilities into our code base? The solution is multi-faceted – part education, part technology, part process change.

Managing Your Risk

Join us for our Virtual Summit, The Open Source Library Conundrum: Managing Your Risk, as we dig into all the pieces of this solution. We’re gathering experts from across our organization to provide a variety of advice and perspectives on this complicated issue. Take part in the summit to get details on:

  • Exactly why and how open source libraries are increasing risk
  • The trends in open source library use and security
  • Best practices on using open source libraries securely
  • The technologies available to help you tackle this open source problem

Summit Sessions


  • State of Address Keynote - Trends in the Industry: Setting the Stage on Open Source Trends
    Mark Curphey, VP of Strategy
  • How to Ensure Your Applications are Secure by Design
    Chris Wysopal, Co-founder and CTO
  • Dissecting a XSS Flaw In Commercial Code: Why Open Source Isn't Your Only Concern

    Matt Runkle, Application Security Consultant
  • Keynote - Why is Open Source use Risky
    Adrian Lane, CTO and Analysis, Securosis
  • Illustrating the Systemic Risk Caused by Open Source Library Use

    Tim Jarrett, Senior Director of Enterprise Security Strategy
  • The Front Lines: How One Company Systematically Mitigates Their Open Source Risk: A Panel Discussion 

    Moderated by: Mark Curphey, VP of Strategy

Keynote Speakers

Featured Presenters

  • Chris Wysopal

    Chris Wysopal

    Co-Founder and CTO


  • Matt Runkle

    Matt Runkle

    Matt Runkle, Application Security Consultant


  • Tim Jarrett

    Tim Jarrett

    Sr. Director, Enterprise Security Strategy



Manage Your Open Source Risk

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