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Technology is – and will always be – the backbone of the modern world. So for businesses to be successful, they need to continuously innovate and release new software, whilst limiting and reducing risk into the business. To aid rapid deployments, many businesses are automating and integrating security into the development phase. This means that developers need to have a strong understanding of security best practices. Developers should be able to identify flaws, remediate flaws, and write secure code. But securing code shouldn’t disrupt a developer’s day-to-day job. Veracode has a comprehensive set of application security testing tools, training tools, and resources to help developers secure applications without interrupting the hands-on-keyboard processes.

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Test your knowledge of OWASP Top 10 and PCI regulations in our two-day secure coding competition running from 08:00 GMT Tuesday, April 27, to 18:00 GMT, Wednesday, April 28.

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VeraTalks: Tackling Developer Security Training

Tune in to our next VeraTalk where Veracode's director of developer relations Rey Bango will be digging into this developer security training conundrum. Don't miss this discussion based on their own experiences with secure coding and security training. He’ll cover:

  • The security skills and know-how developers need today
  • The types of security training that work
  • The role of security champions
  • How the security and development teams can work together to ensure code is create securely from the start

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