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Mastering Security Chaos: Unveiling Longbow for Unified Risk Management and Remediation

Wednesday, June 19th, 11AM EDT
2024-06-19 11:00:00
2024-06-19 12:00:00
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About this event

Are you overwhelmed by the flood of security issues in your application and cloud environments? Is the tech debt mounting despite determined efforts to remediate?

Every day, developers and SecOps teams like yours face the daunting challenge of sifting through thousands of security alerts. With data siloed and time running short, prioritizing risks and understanding their impact on your organization can seem like an impossible task.

It's time for a change. Meet Longbow.

Join us for our monthly Veracode Customer Showcase where we’ll introduce you to Longbow. Longbow is a tool designed to help Development and Security teams harness the power of data from AWS, Azure, GCP, and numerous third-party tools to get a clear, unified view of their security landscape and understand the Best Next Action to take to reduce the most risk.

What will you gain by attending?

  • Unified Risk Visibility: Experience a consolidated dashboard that intelligently prioritizes all application and cloud risks, giving you clarity and control.
  • Risk-based Issue Prioritization: Learn how Longbow eliminates the noise of false positives and negatives, offering you a precise, ranked list of risks and unified application categorization across AST and ASPM tools.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis: See how Longbow identifies critical risks and their origins, suggesting proactive steps for efficient remediation.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Discover how Longbow’s real-time monitoring can keep you ahead, providing ongoing insights into risk trends and environmental changes.


Mastering Security Chaos: Unveiling Longbow for Unified Risk Management and Remediation

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