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The DevSecOps Puzzle

The DevSecOps Puzzle

The shift to DevOps and DevSecOps is happening. Organizations in all industries are creating software not just faster, but also in a more precise, collaborative and incremental way. In fact, we’ve seen the shift in our own customer base, where the percentage of applications scanned for security on a weekly basis jumped 50 percent last year. And this shift casts a wide net, affecting everything from policies to training and tools. 
Make sure you understand all the moving parts involved, and the best practices for ensuring they all fit and work together by attending this exciting Virtual Summit coming in February.

Assembling the Pieces

Assembling the Pieces

Success in this new landscape means understanding all the moving parts involved, and the best practices for ensuring they all fit and work together. By attending our Virtual Summit you will get the practical tips and advice you need to ensure a smooth transition. You will learn:

  • What a security professional’s role and responsibilities look like in a DevSecOps world
  • How to tweak application security policies to work with DevSecOps
  • Why security champions are important and how to develop them.
  • The role of developer security training in DevSecOps and best practices for implementing it.
  • How to ensure security doesn’t slow developers by integrating security tools into their existing tools and processes.

Summit Schedule


  • 11 AM Keynote: DevSecOps Beyond the Myths: Cutting Through the Hype and Doubt to Get Results
    Sam King, General Manager, Veracode
  • 12 PMCreating Security Champions
    Sonali Shah, Vice President, Product Strategy, Veracode
  • 1 PMThe Importance of Developer Security Training
    Maria Loughlin, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Veracode
  • 2 PMIntegrating AppSec into Developer Tools and Processes
    Tim Jarrett, Senior Director, Enterprise Security Strategy, Veracode
  • 3 PMAppSec Policies in a DevOps World
    Pejman Pourmousa, Vice President of Program Management, Veracode
  • 4 PMIf Developers Own Security Testing in DevOps, What Is Security's Role?
    Chris Wysopal, Co-Founder and CTO, Veracode
  • 5 PMHow Your Company Can Move From Understanding DevSecOps to Implementing It
    A Panel Discussion

2018 Winter Virtual Summit Keynote Speaker

2018 Winter Virtual Summit Speakers

  • Chris Wysopal

    Chris Wysopal

    Co-Founder and CTO of Veracode


  • Maria Loughlin

    Maria Loughlin

    Sr. VP of Engineering, R&D Management


  • Pejman Pourmousa

    Pejman Pourmousa

    VP of Security Program Mgmt, Customer Success Mgmt


  • Sonali  Shah

    Sonali Shah

    Vice President, Product Strategy

  • Tim Jarrett

    Tim Jarrett

    Sr. Director, Enterprise Security Strategy