Rev-Up Your Engines for a Three-Part Webinar Series on Building, Maturing, and Maintaining an AppSec Program
Don’t drive customers and prospects away with insecure apps – take Veracode along for the ride.

As the business world continues its digital transformation, it isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Organizations of all sizes are working to create applications faster than ever so that they can keep up with the competition and consumer demand. But it’s critical that they take time to carefully consider how secure their applications really are; we know from our State of Software Security v11 report that 76 percent of apps have at least one vulnerability on first scan, which means risk piles up like parking tickets if left unchecked.

The road to a strong application security (AppSec) program is winding, but along the way, you have the chance to fine-tune your software security engine and give the quality of your code regular checkups. That’s where Veracode comes in, helping you drive your AppSec program forward into maturity. After all, building a mature AppSec program is a lot like building and maintaining your car’s engine – you have to put a little elbow grease into it in the beginning, but it’s a smooth ride after that.

Watch this three-part webinar series as we discuss how to build, mature, and maintain an AppSec program to drive down security risk.

Featured Keynote Sessions

Software Security: The Stats and the Acts

Components of the AppSec Engine, Part 1
19 August / 10am BST

Fulya Sengil,
Sr. Solution Architect

Real-World Perspective: The Effect of Decentralized Security

Building the AppSec Engine, Part 2
2 September / 11am BST

Tom Smith,
Sr. Solution Architect

The Year Software took Center Stage

Tuning the AppSec Engine, Part 3
15 September / 10am BST

John Smith,
Director of Solutions Architects, EMEA
Amanda Lee,
Sr Manager CSMs