Veracode Helps Santander Mexico Shift Security Left and Improve Time to Market
Veracode’s secure coding tools help developers at Santander Mexico embrace DevSecOps and increase efficiency

Santander Mexico

Santander Mexico is a banking group based out of Mexico City, Mexico. Since Santander Mexico houses sensitive data, it needed to properly secure its applications while also ensuring speed to market. Since Veracode offers over 30 out-of-the-box integrations, plus APIs and code samples, Santander was able to shift security left and integrate and automate application security (AppSec) scans into the developer’s existing tools and processes. Veracode’s developer enablement tools, including real-time secure coding feedback, also aided developer buy-in of DevSecOps and improved efficiency. To learn more, check out our video of Felipe Mendoza, Santander Mexico DevSecOps Engineer.

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