Achieving Continuous Software Security for Modern Enterprise

Ensuring continuous software security comes with a series of challenges enterprises must overcome.

Integrate security into the SDLC

Let’s secure the SDLC ®

Disjointed workflows, manual tools, and confusing reports make it difficult for security and development teams to keep pace with modern software development.

  • Manage risk across your software portfolio.
  • Accelerate secure development
  • Measure and improve outcomes with analytics, reporting, and peer benchmarking.

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Build security competency for developer and security team

Be ready for anything ®

Security is not the only area of responsibility for development. With competing demands, developers are typically evaluated based on speed of delivery—rather than security.

  • Prioritize Security
  • Explore vulnerabilities in safe sandbox environments.
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Build a risk-free software supply chain

Source software with confidence ®

Enterprises depend on third-party code and open-source software to accelerate time to market. While the benefits are apparent, outsourced software can come with unknown risks.

  • Gain full transparency into your supply chain dependencies
  • Easily find, prioritize, and fix issues buried deep in open-source packages
  • Adhere to emerging governmental regulations

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Manage web app attack surface risk

Face the unknown attack surface ®

The rise of cloud and web native applications and microservices means the attack surface is everywhere and rapidly expanding, creating more opportunities for exploitation. Often, security teams are unaware of significant vulnerabilities on their perimeter.

  • Detecting unknown web app assets and potential risks
  • Prioritize and address the most critical internet-facing exposures
  • Prevent future vulnerabilities with remediation/mitigation policy

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Embracing cloud-native software development

Secure all cloud development ®

Cloud-native technologies have transformed how software is built for the modern enterprise, making it challenging to keep pace with complex security and compliance landscapes.

  • Creating Shared Security Responsibility
  • Looking beyond application code
  • Addressing the tech debt shuffle

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