2011 Event Roundup

Jonaki Egenolf By Jonaki Egenolf
December 23, 2011

2011 has been a busy year for Veracode on the event circuit. The Veracode team has spoken at nearly 200 industry events this year. We racked up frequent flyer miles, collected a rainbow assortment of conference badges, and generally had fun presenting to all of you that attended the year’s major (and minor) industry and government forums. Here are just a few highlights of some of our speaking opps this year… RSA 2011 In the talk “Intelligence on the Intractable Problem of Insecure Software” Veracode’s Sam King, vice president of strategy and product marketing, and Chris Wysopal shed light on application security debt and the real cost of insecure software that threaten the integrity and performance of software in the software supply chain. United States Congress Yes, we (or more specifically Chris Wysopal) were invited to Capitol Hill to present to members of Congress on the criticality of insecure software and the role it plays in the landscape of cyber security threats. BlackHat Senior Security Researcher, Tyler Shields, played host and moderator to a panel of top mobile security experts in the world to debate which attack models would potentially pose the greatest risk to enterprise across the mobile security stack. OWASP App Sec USA & Europe The Veracode research team was in full force at OWASP on both sides of the pond, presenting on everything from mobile security trends to critical analysis of information security stats available in the marketplace today.   AnDevCon Tyler Shields cautioned developers on “Avoiding the Pandora Pitfall”. With a different threat landscape and new, mobile-specific, privacy concerns, secure mobile development is a unique concept. Tyler discussed the new imperative to understand what common mobile security flaws look like and how they differ from traditional programming vulnerabilities if we are to avoid repeating our failures of the past. Other Little Known but Equally Fun Speaking opps from Veracoders: DEFCON Kids Chris Lytle of the Veracode Research team is training the next generation of security superstars! In this session at DefconKids he introduced budding cryptographers to the art and science of making and breaking secret codes and ciphers.

MIT This fall the ivory tower elites at MIT got schooled on security by Veracode’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Christien Rioux, when he presented a lecture to MIT associates and students on the topic of “Lessons of Static Binary Analysis”. Of course with the year coming to a close the tradeshow/conference season begins to settle into the lull of the winter doldrums. But if you really have a hankering to see the Veracode team live, then why not switch gears from the conference circuit and check our performances… Don’t miss Tim Jarrett, Director of Product Management, as he sings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Holiday Pops performances on 12/21 and 12/23. And if you need to amp-up your year-end, join resident rocker (and Inside Sales Representative), Andy Reed, as he performs live with his band, The BlueWaves, in some of metro Boston’s local venues -- Brighton Beer Garden on 1/20 and Copperfields (Boston) on 2/4! ROCK ON VERACODE!