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October 5, 2016

Helping Developers Move Faster

Veracode’s mission is to secure the software that powers the world.   And one of the most interesting parts of working here, is that in order to achieve that goal, we get to learn about the entire spectrum of computing technologies.  I think of enterprise software landscapes as similar to evolutionary biology.  There are generations and generations of different technologies all coexisting together - we have brand new AngularJS applications living side by side with backend systems running on AS/400.  So in order to help secure all of the software, we must support both the 'legacy' technology and the new entrants.  2016 has been a year of us working on technologies that span over 50 years of history, which I'd like to share a bit about today.

Building off our 2015 announcement of static analysis support for COBOL, I'm pleased to announce that we are also supporting IBM RPG, via a technology partnership with Optimyth Software.  RPG is a language originally developed in 1959 for IBM punch card systems, which has continued to evolve over the decades.  We're supporting RPG III, RPG IV, and RPGLE, which represents the modern install base of RPG.  We have been running an early adopter program for a select set of our customers throughout 2016, and will be opening this to all of our customers in Q4 2016. 

Continuing up the evolutionary ladder, throughout 2016, we have also improved our static analysis support for the mainstays of modern enterprise computing, Java and .NET.  Java has seen us working on improving our support for JSP by building support for the Oracle WebLogic JSP compiler, JSF 2.x, as well as the Spring Boot framework.  And in .NET, we have continued to follow Microsoft's rapid evolution of the platform with support for .NET Core 1.0.

I'm also pleased to announce our support of another language foundational to modern applications, Python.  We have been running an early adopter program for a select group of customers throughout 2016, which has provided us with some invaluable feedback.  In Q4 we will be releasing Python support to the general public, covering the use cases of Python both for web applications, with support for the Django and Flask frameworks and several other web application specific libraries, as well as general purpose python applications with the support of the Python standard library. 

JavaScript is also one of the more recent languages to ascend to dominance in the computing world, and has been a very interesting technology to pay attention to.  If you were to have asked an average web developer in the mid-1990s if they thought that JavaScript would be used for everything from application servers to MVC frameworks, they would probably have laughed at you, but that is where things are today.  We have continued to expand our support for JavaScript this year with support for four modern JavaScript template engines this year, Swig.js, Mustache.js, Hogan.js, and Handlebars.js.  Additionally, we have built support for the SAP UI5 and OpenUI5 frameworks.  We have big plans for 2017 and beyond to continue to expand our support of JavaScript, so stay tuned for even more news.

And finally, how could I talk about the evolution of computing without mentioning mobile?  Every company is doing some form of mobile development today, and Veracode is committed to staying on the leading edge of mobile technology support.  Earlier this year, we released support for Apple's Swift programming language, representing the latest step in native iOS development.  We have also released support for one of the most interesting entrants to the mobile application space, Xamarin, which allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications in a single development environment.

Some of our most senior developers at Veracode began their careers as RPG programmers, and some of our younger team members began their careers as Python developers.  This spread of technology support with our static analysis software is part of what makes it such an interesting problem to solve.  And I'm sure that in 40 years, the product manager for our static analysis engine will be telling stories about the senior engineers who started out as young JavaScript developers, while we're working on support for functional quantum programming or whatever the latest thing is then.  But Veracode will be there working to support it!


Senior Product Manager for Veracode Static analysis. Jon is responsible for the strategy of all Veracode Static Analysis features. Jon has been with Veracode since 2013, and has been working in information security since 2008 in a variety of consulting and product-oriented roles. Jon lives in Chicago, IL.

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