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April 16, 2015

The Independent Software Vendor Experience in ROI

It’s no surprise that large enterprises are increasingly looking to understand the security of their software suppliers – especially now that New York’s superintendent of financial services has instructed Wall Street to do more to keep tabs on their vendors. Why the increased attention? Because while breach headlines may revolve around the biggest brand names in the world but with more breaches than ever involving a weak link from the software supply chain, scrutiny of the security posture of ISV code is at an all-time high.

As a result, the value of being able to efficiently test your software, remediate vulnerabilities, and clearly present these findings to partners and customers is also at an all-time high. CISOs and Security Managers around the world should be eyeing this time as an opportunity to prove the value of having a mature programmatic application security program in place. At Veracode, our aim is to secure the software that every business needs to operate effectively and we are seeing great results with the software supplier community: a decrease in application security vulnerabilities of 68% with the implementation of Veracode.

Our infographic below highlights some key findings but download the full commissioned study to get all the details here:

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Senior Product Manager for Veracode’s application security platform including reporting, analytics and API feature sets as well are Veracode’s technology evolution from a monolithic architecture into MicroServices. Anne partners with Veracode customer’s to manage application security risk through new product features and functionality while enabling Veracode’s best in class scanning technologies.

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