As part of the Veracode way, every employee is strongly encouraged to take part in our company Hackathons. A Hackathon is a 3 day event where you get to work on literally any project you like, you may recall reading Mark Kriegsman's post summarizing our Summer 2012 Hackathon.

Well Hackathon3 is upon us and only a week away. This week posters went up in anticipation of the event and hack ideas are filling the kitchen walls. What will we see from Veracoders in the new year, only time will tell but if history is any indication we can expect great things!

About Neil DuPaul

Neil manages the blog pipeline at Veracode, often by fending off eager contributors with a stick. He manages much of the Veracode web presence while also motivating the more introspective Veracoders to be social. Lover of sports and outdoors, and a SERP enthusiast, hit him up on Twitter here.

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Mr. Donald Nezbit | January 3, 2013 11:55 am

Ahhh, *sigh*, the days of summer are upon us!
Joy fills the air, like a morning dew of the gentle winters embrace.
Where do I begin?
My loins tickle with anticipation of the question I've waited years to confess.

Mr.Donald Nezbit | January 3, 2013 12:00 pm

Oh, the joyous occasion has come upon us yet again!
Like the morning dew of a gentle winters embrace!
I know my input is but a flutter of the proverbial dragons wing, but don't be frightened!
I merely ask a beggers plight in return!
In all seriousness though. I hackathon.

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