Over the next 2 to 3 weeks we'll be authoring a number of posts about our annual Hackathon that ran last week as one of our goals this time around was to share a lot more than we did for our inaugural Hackathon last year. Last week we kicked things off with our brief intro announcing the start of the Hackathon and today we keep things going with our photo round up.

The photos you see below showcase the Hackathon at a variety of stages. They are not in order, there is no narrative and they come from a slew of different sources, all of them Veracoders. Next year we hope to offer an even better showcase of the event in photos but for now, enjoy!

Our Hackathon T-shirt Design, we got them in pink too!

Nothing like free donuts to jump start some creative thinking.

No Hackathon is complete without it's own custom music solution and yes that is a bike hitch.

Mark Kriegsman keeping everyone focused on one of the main themes of the Hackathon.

Let the games begin! Veracoders getting their hack on.

Employee satisfaction hits a record high during Hackathons.

Cupcakes, beer, party hats and wait...what? Ponies? Yes, this hack happened.

We had a packed house for presentations! Over 70 Veracoders showed up to watch our demos and we all barely fit in the conference room.

One by one Veracoders shared their projects and results. (Not pictured: the many spontaneous bouts of laughter and applause.)

The prize awarded to our best hack!

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Neil manages the blog pipeline at Veracode, often by fending off eager contributors with a stick. He manages much of the Veracode web presence while also motivating the more introspective Veracoders to be social. Lover of sports and outdoors, and a SERP enthusiast, hit him up on Twitter here.

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