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Get a Superior Alternative to Security Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Software

Vulnerability assessment software doesn't always deliver enterprise security. It promises to find flaws in applications so they can be fixed before they can harm the enterprise. But as applications have become increasingly complex and threats have continuously evolved, vulnerability assessment software no longer represents the ideal application security solution. It's expensive to purchase, install, and learn. It must be constantly updated to keep pace with new threats. And if it isn't highly accurate, developers will be spending more time tracking down dead ends and false positives than actually developing software. And if a vulnerability assessment application doesn't integrate well with secure application development life cycles and procurement processes, enterprise productivity and competitiveness will be hurt. That's why so many companies worldwide looking for a better alternative to a vulnerability assessment tool turn to Veracode.

Veracode Delivers a Full Vulnerability Assessment Service 

Founded by experts from leading application security companies such as @stake, Guardent, Symantec, and Verisign, Veracode is dedicated to making it as easy and cost-effective as possible for organizations to develop and purchase secure applications. Veracode has developed an automated, on-demand, application security testing solution. With Veracode, companies no longer need to buy expensive vulnerability assessment software, train developers and QA personnel how to use it, or spend time and money to constantly update it. Veracode is offered as an on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform—enterprises simply submit applications through a secure online platform and get highly accurate results within 24 to 72 hours. With software security assessment on demand, companies can more easily scale vulnerability scanning to meet the demands of aggressive software development and procurement deadlines—and optimize their security spending at the same time.

Achieve software security with more accurate assessment and faster vulnerability remediation

When it comes to accurate and comprehensive coverage, Veracode has security vulnerability assessment tools beat hands down. Where other products require several on-premises tools, Veracode combines dynamic analysis (for web application security), manual penetration testing, and static binary code analysis for a single complete solution. Veracode's patented binary analysis—the industry's first—enables enterprises to search for flaws at the binary level, scanning compiled or "byte" code instead of source code. Applications today are often compiled from multiple sources (third-party components, offshore vendors, open-source reusable components, etc.), and source code is often unavailable for review. Yet Veracode's binary analysis lets enterprises scan 100 percent of an application, providing a far more accurate evaluation than any other product on the market. You can see how Veracode provides a simpler, more scalable tool in our free platform demo.

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