Software Testing Tools and Techniques

Why use Software Testing Tools?

Most companies today experience some form of attacks from criminal hackers and other malicious threats. As the enterprise network has become more secure, attackers have turned their attention to the application layer, which, according to Gartner, now contains 90 percent of all vulnerabilities. To protect the enterprise, security administrators must perform detailed software testing and code analysis when developing or buying software. Yet such code analysis can be extremely costly - on-premises software testing tools are expensive to purchase, deploy, and maintain, and they can easily impair development timelines to the point where speed-to-market is compromised. That's why so many leading enterprises are turning to highly effective and cost-efficient software testing tools from Veracode.

What is a Software Testing Tool?

Software Testing tools are used as part of the testing phase within the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to automate certain tasks, improve testing efficiency, and discover issues that might be difficult to find using manual review alone. Veracode provides software testing tools that search for security vulnerabilities within your applications. Veracode’s software testing tool performs both dynamic and static code analysis and finds security vulnerabilities that include malicious code as well as the absence of functionality that may lead to security breaches. Veracode's binary scanning approach produces more accurate testing results, using methodologies developed and continually refined by a team of world-class experts.

Veracode Software Testing Tools

Veracode is the industry's leading automated software testing tool. Whether you are analyzing applications developed internally or by third parties, Veracode’s software testing tools enable you to quickly and cost-effectively scan software for flaws and get actionable results within 24 hours. As an independent and trusted provider of software testing tools Veracode enables you to better protect your enterprise without sacrificing productivity or profitability. Using an on-demand, Software-as-a-Service solution allows you to more easily control costs, paying only for the services you need. And because Veracode scans at the binary level, reviewing compiled or “byte” code rather than source code, you get the most accurate and comprehensive analysis available. All applications, regardless of their origin, can be scanned and reviewed by Veracode’s software testing tools. Even third-party software, when developers may be prohibited from reviewing source code, can be scanned at the binary level.

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