DevSecOps: Secure From the Start

What Is DevSecOps?

With DevSecOps, more of the security responsibility shifts to developers. In turn, you need to give security requirements the same weight as functional requirements, but you can’t let security slow you down. Veracode gives you security solutions that integrate with your development tools, so security becomes an invisible part of your development process.

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Great Code Is Secure Code

You’re creating highly-functioning, powerful software that will change the world.  But if the software you create isn’t secure, is it really great? In a DevSecOps environment security defects are found while you code, without leaving the tools you are already using - helping you create high-quality secure code.


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Veracode Giving You The Power Of DevSecOps

Veracode’s automated security tools deliver fast, repeatable and actionable results, without the noise of false positives. Our tools integrates into existing development toolchains enabling you to quickly identify and remediate security flaws early in your process and without adding needless steps to the software lifecycle, so you can continue creating high-quality and secure software.

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Instant Scanning For Developers
–Right In The IDE

Veracode Greenlight Find security defects in your code in seconds. Scan code as you write, and get in-context remediation guidance – so you can fix flaws right in your IDE, at the speed of DevSecOps.
Veracode Greenlight is able to provide results in as little as 3 seconds.

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 Developer Sandbox

Evaluate Code Against Policy Before Check-In

SandboxA powerful aid in creating more secure code, as well as a place to practice secure coding, assess new code against security policy, giving you time to fix security defects before code is submitted for production.
DevSecOps organizations that tested frequently with Veracode sandbox scanning had a 48% better fix rate than those doing scanning for compliance.

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 Software Composition Analysis

Identify And Eliminate Risk In Open Source Components

Software Composition AnalysisSpeed up development, without the downside risk of open source vulnerabilities. Veracode Software Composition Analysis helps you quickly identify vulnerable components, using the same scan you’ve set up for static analysis.

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 Static Analysis

Assess Your Integrated Applications For Policy Compliance

Static AnalysisEnsure the code you write, or assemble meets company security standards. Our SaaS-based model allows you to quickly find security defects across a broad range of languages and frameworks, throughout the development process.

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Boost Your Secure Coding Skills With Instructor-Led & On-Demand Tutorials

Hone your secure coding skills so you can continue producing high-quality secure code with on-demand training modules right in the Veracode Platform.

Developer training has an essential role in reducing flaws. eLearning improved developer fix rates by 19%; remediation coaching improved fix rates by 88%.

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Veracode DevSecOps Tools In Action

One financial services software company increased its scan rate with Veracode by 70% in a four month period. In that same time, it managed to reduce the number of flaws reported within its software by 45%.

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