Discover and assess risk of thousands of corporate websites

CA Veracode Web Application Scanning

Find web applications vulnerabilities in staging and production

With the explosion of digital marketing and communication, companies are relying on web and mobile applications to communicate with customers and compete. However, most applications were not created with security in mind, leaving business like yours exposed to risk of breach. To make matters worse, you have old marketing websites, applications created by different business units, or digital assets acquired during M&A – so you probably don’t even know how many websites your company has. Monitoring your web perimeter is time consuming and expensive and point solutions don’t scale to assess all of your applications. Integrating scanning technologies into the SDLC can be challenging.

CA Veracode Web Application Scanning typically finds 30 – 40% more websites than customers thought they had.

CA Veracode Web Application Scanning (WAS) offers a unified solution to find, secure, and monitor all of your web applications – not just the ones you know about. First, CA Veracode discovers and inventories all of your external web applications, then performs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel to find critical vulnerabilities and helps you prioritize your biggest risks. As a second step, you can run authenticated scans on critical applications to systematically reduce risk while continuously monitoring your security posture as part of the SDLC. CA Veracode offers multiple scanning technologies on a single platform, so you get unified results, analytics, and increased accuracy.

Discover and inventory of your publicly-facing web applications

You can’t secure what you don’t know about. CA Veracode WAS uses web-application-layer crawling, domain brute forcing, integrated web searches, and other unique approaches to identify more applications than network-based scanning. In fact, CA Veracode consistently finds 30-40% more websites than companies originally knew they had. As a result, our customers often shut down old and unused websites to save costs.

Quickly assess risk across your entire application portfolio

After discovering all of your websites, you can scan your entire web perimeter, which will quickly identify major vulnerabilities across your full application portfolio and give you visibility into your overall risk. Then, run an authenticated deep scan on your most critical applications. CA Veracode WAS enables continuous, ongoing monitoring to maintain your security posture.

Strategically and efficiently reduce risk in testing and production

CA Veracode knows you can’t solve a problem with tools alone, so we offer security program management and application security consulting to help you achieve your goals. Our security program managers work with you to analyze the list of websites you discovered, define policies and success criteria to set up a strategic, repeatable process. CA Veracode Technical Support will help you integrate CA Veracode WAS into your SLDC and help mitigate vulnerabilities. CA Veracode WAS also learns as it scans, so you won’t waste time on false positives. Scans are easy to configure because the CA Veracode Application Security Platform guides you through the steps and offers clear results. CA Veracode’s operations center ensures findings are actionable and have your back in case you made a configuration error to ensure your scans run successfully.

Understand your digital assets before and after M&A activities

Inheriting insecure legacy applications can put your business at risk. If your organization has already acquired another company, you can test your current web perimeter for legacy websites to shut down or secure. If you’re considering M&A, you can assess another company’s security as part of the due diligence process before you join forces.

A telecommunications firm shut down 20% of its web applications that were no longer needed, breaking even on the cost of CA Veracode Web Application Scanning within the first year.

Use multiple assessment techniques all in one platform

The CA Veracode Platform is home to major application security technologies, including static and dynamic analysis as well as software composition analysis, which identifies open source risk. When you scan with both, you’ll benefit from increased breadth and accuracy, as well as consistent reporting and policy management. Scan public-facing websites directly from our cloud-based platform without having to provision servers, and use CA Veracode Virtual Scan Appliance to test your internal applications.

Contact us today to see a demo of CA Veracode Web Application Scanning and start reducing your application security risk today.

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