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Building more secure web applications.

Creating secure web applications is critical to preventing the kind of breaches that make headlines and cost millions. Yet fewer than one in 10 organizations have processes in place to review code for flaws and tosecure web apps before and during production.

The likely reason: traditional tools to secure web applications have been fragmented, making a testing time-consuming and difficult chore. And often, secure web application development has been focused on testing for vulnerabilities after code has been written, when remediating flaws is more costly and takes more time. Consequently, security testing has not always been top priority when developers are scrambling to meet tight development deadlines.

To promote more secure web development, Veracode offers a suite of on-demand application security testing services that enable developers to build secure web applications more easily, effectively and cost efficiently.

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Testing for secure web apps with Veracode.

Veracode’s Application Security Platform provides a variety of testing technologies that allow developers to find and fix flaws at any point in the development lifecycle.Rather than waiting until a later security hardening stage, developers canuse Veracode technology to address flaws as they arise during coding. In addition to tools to secure web applications, we offer testing services for desktop apps, microservices and mobile app security testing, integrating all testing services on a single platform for greater efficiency.

Veracode solutions for secure web applications.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is an SaaS-based  servicethat enables organizations to discover and secure web applications – including apps they don’t know about. This technology includes:

  • Discovery. Many organizations are unaware how many web applications exist within their domains. Our solution creates a global inventory of all public-facing web apps, typically discovering 30 to 40% more websites than customers knew they had.
  • Parallel scans. Our massively parallel infrastructure enables us to test thousands of web apps simultaneously with lightweight, non-authenticated dynamic scans. This allows organizations to secure web apps and mitigate risk by shutting down temporary sites while providing Web Application Firewalls with security intelligence information.
  • Dynamic scans. We perform comprehensive deep scans that identify vulnerabilities web applications and look for attack vectors such as sequel injection, buffer overflow flaws and vulnerabilities that could lead to CSRF attacks.
  • Scans behind the firewall. We also perform deep scans of applications located behind the firewall, often in QA or staging environments, to identify flaws before applications are moved to production.

Learn more about creating secure web applications, or visit Veracode’s AppSec knowledgebase to get answers to questions like “What is a worm?” and “What is an integrated development environment?”

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