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The challenge of app security

The traditional on-premises approach to enterprise application security, or app security, is no longer enough to protect organizations from threats.

Traditional network-centric solutions don’t address application-layer attacks that frequently bypass network-layer defenses. And for development teams racing to get applications into production, the typical on-premises security solutions add too much complexity, are too hard to scale, and don’t facilitate an enterprise-wide governance model for consistently applying policies across business units and development teams.

Consequently, most organizations use a fragmented approach to app security. They invest in ad-hoc manual testing and code review tools, but they’re only able to cover a fraction of their app security threat surface.

The result: web applications have become the #1 attack vector and are the center of more than half of all app security breaches. Yet despite these threats, fewer than 10% of enterprises have the tools to test all business-critical applications before and after deploying them, increasing their risks of breaches that can lead to loss of customer data, damage to reputation, and losses to the bottom line.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With AppSec

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App security with Veracode

For organizations that want an easier way to manage app security, Veracode provides an automated cloud-based solution.

Veracode’s unified platform for application security solutions and services lets organizations assess and improve app security from inception through production. Veracode’s application security tools seamlessly integrate app security into development, cost-effectively eliminating vulnerabilities through a combination of automation, process and speed. With tools to improve app security without adding more staff or equipment, Veracode enables customers to see results on day one and consistent improvement over time.

The first step to achieving app security: web application scanning

Veracode Web Application Scanning provides an invaluable tool for improving security by automating the process of finding, securing and monitoring all web applications. With this powerful solution, organizations can:

  • Identify and inventory all publicly facing web applications. More than one-quarter of organizations aren’t aware of how many applications they have. Veracode Web Application Scanning uses lightweight crawling, domain brute forcing, integrated web searches and other techniques to inventory applications, typically finding 30% to 40% more applications than companies knew they had.
  • Assess risk across the application portfolio. Veracode quickly scans applications to identify vulnerabilities to app security and runs a deep scan on the most critical internal and external web applications.
  • Reduce risk in testing and production. Veracode scans for architectural weaknesses in running web applications, identifying vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them.

Learn more about achieving app security with Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for SOX compliance and SDLC security.

Everything You Need to Know About Maturing an AppSec Program

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