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Benefits of Veracode’s white box testing tools

With white box testing tools from Veracode, you can:

  • Automate testing to assess the security of web, mobile, desktop and backend applications.
  • Get a prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on severity, enabling development teams to address the most significant flaws first and avoid dealing with hundreds of false positives.
  • Eliminate the expense and headache of managing in-house testing solutions.
  • Scale easily from securing several applications to thousands of applications as needed.
  • Integrate white box testing into your IDE, build and ticketing systems to automatically test code and coordinate remediation.
  • Get on-demand training and one-on-one consultation with Veracode experts, adding deep expertise to your security initiatives.
  • Comply easily with industry regulations and company policies by integrating testing into your SDLC.
  • Veracode’s platform also includes Dynamic Analysis Security Testing, or a dast assessment¸ to provide a comprehensive grey box testing solution.

Increase application security with white box testing.

White box testing, or static analysis, is a critical tool for finding and fixing security vulnerabilities and flaws in applications. In contrast to a black box test that seeks to find vulnerabilities from outside the application – the way a hacker would – white box testing analyzes source code or compiled binaries to catch semantic coding errors and other flaws in the application or its infrastructure.

A white box test is essential to application security, as software is now the #1 attack vector for malicious individuals seeking to penetrate an organization’s security perimeter. Many development teams, however, find it difficult to implement white box security – managing white box testing tools can be difficult and time-consuming, adding additional complexity to aggressive development schedules.

That’s where Veracode can help. With a comprehensive testing solution delivered as a cloud-based service, Veracode enables development teams to easily implement white box testing without impacting development timelines.


White box testing solutions from Veracode

Veracode is a leading provider of solutions that secure applications in a software-driven world. With a unified platform for testing applications from inception to production, Veracode enables organizations to confidently move forward with the web and mobile applications they build, buy and assemble.

Veracode’s white box testing solution lets developers quickly find and fix application security flaws without having to manage a tool. Veracode’s SaaS-based service analyzes major frameworks and languages without requiring source code, allowing development teams to test code they write, buy or download. By integrating Veracode’s solution into the SDLC tool chain, developers can secure code as it is being written without slowing the development process.

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