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Comparing software testing methodologies.

As cyber criminals continue to target business applications with more sophisticated attacks and techniques, organizations and development teams are employing a wider variety of software testing methodologies to achieve application security.

There are a number of powerful software testing methodologies available today, from static and dynamic analysis to manual penetration testing, a web vuln scanner and other approaches. And while each of these technologies can help to improve software quality and enable Dev Sec Ops, no single software testing methodology can hope to catch every flaw, weakness and vulnerability. The only way to maximize application security is by combining and integrating software testing methodologies. Yet purchasing, deploying and managing multiple solutions can be both costly and complex, significantly increasing the administrative and financial burden of securing software.

That’s where Veracode comes in. Our suite of application security testing technology provides on-demand solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of multiple software testing methodologies – without deploying new software, hardware or infrastructure.

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Integrating software testing methodologies with Veracode.

At Veracode, we’re dedicated to helping organizations protect the software that drives business. Our scalable, cloud-based service and programmatic approach help to secure the entire global application infrastructure, enabling development teams to continuously innovate without sacrificing security.

With Veracode’s on-demand software testing methodologies, developers and IT administrators can test code, find flaws and remediate issues at any point in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our tools can be embedded in development processes from inception through production to increase the security of code at the easiest, most cost-effective and most logical point in the SDLC.

Veracode’s comprehensive software testing methodologies.

Veracode software testing methodologies include:

  • Veracode Greenlight, a solution that runs in the background of a developer’s IDE, constantly scanning code as it’s written to identify flaws, alert developers and provide remediation advice.
  • Veracode Static Analysis, an automated solution for determining the security of web, mobile and desktop applications by scanning compiled binaries and eliminating the need for source code.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a solution that identifies vulnerabilities in commercial and open source code.
  • Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing, a solution for determining the quality of third-party software.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning, a service that discovers all public facing websites and applications, running lightweight scans on thousands of sites in parallel and deep scans on critical applications.

Learn more about software testing methodologies and Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for preventing an advanced persistent threat.

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