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Improve enterprise data protection with application testing services.

Enterprise data protection remains one of the most important tasks for IT teams at organizations large and small. Companies today rely on data more than ever, and protecting data against theft, loss, and corruption is critical to business success.

Enterprise data protection plans have traditionally included technology such as data loss prevention (DLP) tools, encryption technology, identity and access management, backup and recovery solutions and more. But as applications continue to be a primary target for malicious individuals, more organizations are adding application security testing to their enterprise data protection protocols.

Application testing promotes enterprise data protection by identifying and eradicating software weaknesses that can lead to serious breaches. By testing to ensure that microservices, web, mobile, and desktop applications are free of flaws and vulnerabilities, developers and IT teams can help to achieve enterprise data protection more easily and successfully.

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Veracode services for enterprise data protection.

For organizations seeking application security solutions that can bolster enterprise data protection, Veracode delivers a suite of cloud-based services that enable testing to be integrated throughout the software development lifecycle from inception through production.

Our SaaS-based solutions make application security testing available on-demand, allowing organizations to forgo capital expense for testing technology. Developers can test code throughout the development process, rather than waiting until a security hardening stage when finding and fixing flaws is more time-consuming and expensive. Our services integrate easily with IDEs such as the C integrated development environment, so developers are never hindered by having to open a new testing environment. And by delivering highly accurate results within hours of submitting code for most applications, Veracode testing tools enable organizations to improve enterprise data protection without sacrificing speed or slowing time-to-market.

Complete solutions for enhancing enterprise data protection.

To promote enterprise data protection, we offer a variety of services with role based access controls that enable greater flexibility and granular control. These include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a service that alerts developers to potential flaws in software as it is being written, providing contextual remediation advice that helps developers learn to write more secure code.
  • Veracode Static Analysis, a service that scans binaries to ensure the security of code that is written, purchased or assembled.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a service that quickly identifies vulnerable open source components.
  • Veracode Dynamic Analysis, a service that enables enterprise data protection by inventorying and scanning public-facing web applications and websites.
  • Manual web pen testing, for identifying vulnerabilities that can’t be found through automated scans.

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