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A .NET SQL injection is a security weakness in a .NET application that lets hackers take control of the software’s database by tricking the application into sending unauthorized SQL commands.
To effectively inject security into the agile SDLC, developers need a new set of tools that can accelerate the SDLC and agile development rather than slowing it down.
Veracode offers Agile Security so that industry developers have the best tools & resources for software development & implementation. 
What is Agile? Agile is a collection of software development methods used by groups of developers to continuously improve software. Learn more.
Learn more about Veracode's Introduction to Android Hacking. Hacking applications, tools and resources, and securing your device from getting hacked.
Complete guide to Android OS application security. Learn about safeguarding Android apps and steps to keep your Android mobile device secure.
Superior app security testing technology that lets enterprises find flaws & software vulnerabilities & fix them before attackers can exploit them.
An application control audit is designed to ensure that an application’s transactions and the data it outputs are secure, accurate and valid.
Application protection technology is critical to preventing cyber attackers from stealing sensitive information. Try our application protection software today.
Enable your development team to find and fix application security problems with the suite of tools offered by The Veracode Assessment.

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