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Application testing must be part of data security.

Data security is a mission-critical priority for IT teams in companies of all sizes. As organizations increasingly rely on IT to collect, share, analyze, communicate and store information,data security solutions are essential to ensure that information remains protected from theft, corruption and loss.

Traditional data security solutions include encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) technology, backup and recovery solutions, identity and access management technology, and more. But frequently overlooked when designing a data security framework is the role the application security can play in protecting data.

Applications have become the primary target for cyber criminals intent on stealing data. Yet many development teams organizations lack the tools to ensure their software is free of flaws and vulnerabilities that could lead to costly breaches and data security errors. That’s where Veracode can help – with a suite of on-demand services that make application testing easy and affordable.

Veracode solutions for data security.

Veracode is a leader in application security testing solutions that help protect an organization’s most important software assets. Built on a unified platform, our suite of services provide tools for testing software at any point in the development process from inception through production. From SQL injections and malware that could enable a DDoS attack to broken authentication and session management flaws, Veracode helps to remediate the most dangerous threats to data security. With Veracode, developers can submit code via an online platform and receive results quickly – within four hours for most applications. Results are prioritized by severity of the flaw and delivered with clear remediation advice that allows developers to find vulnerabilities and fix them quickly.

As a data security technology, Veracode’s software-as-a-service model enables organizations to implement security testing quickly and easily, without upfront capital expense. And because our technology integrates seamlessly with integrated development environments, developers don’t need to interrupt coding or open a new environment in order to submit code for review.

Comprehensive services for increasing data security.

Veracode services include:

  • Veracode Greenlight, an application security service that runs in the background of the developer’s IDE to test code as it is being written. Greenlight alerts developers when flaws are introduced and provides immediate suggestions for ways to eradicate them.
  • Veracode Static Analysis, a service that scans binaries to ensure the security of software that is built, bought or assembled.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a service that identifies and inventories vulnerabilities in open source components and commercial software.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning, an Internet security test that discovers, scans and monitors websites and web applications to identify potential flaws.

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