/sep 12, 2023

Why Reduce Software Supply Chain Risks with Intelligent Software Security

By Natalie Tischler

There’s a growing array of risks lurking within the supply chain of the digital solutions we increasingly depend upon. Leaving gaps in your software supply chain security (SSCS) could spell disaster for your organization. Let’s explore how new analysis defines an end-to-end solution and why Veracode was ranked as an Overall Leader, Product Leader, Innovation Leader, and Market Leader in the Software Supply Chain Security Leadership Compass 2023 by KuppingerCole Analysts AG

Leading the Charge: Software Supply Chain Security 

Picture a world where your security is only as strong as your weakest link, and that link could be a single line of code buried deep within open-source software from an unknown contributor. This is the reality of today’s software supply chain. Each component, whether it’s custom code, third-party libraries, or the configuration of CI/CD tools and infrastructure, presents a potential entry point for an attacker. 

Many players are working to provide solutions for this challenge, so how do we compare those claiming to help secure the software supply chain? Let’s look at the new analysis in the inaugural Leadership Compass: Software Supply Chain Security by KuppingerCole. Their definition of this emerging space is one of the most complete we have seen to date. 

Analyst Richard Hill writes in the report’s Executive Summary: “In this Leadership Compass, the term “Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS)” refers to the ability to secure the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process throughout the development, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases – at every point along the way, including along the whole CI/CD pipeline. This also means having end-to-end visibility, at a granular level, at each phase of the software supply chain process.” 

In the image below, you’ll see the Overall Leadership ratings for the SSCS market. This rating is a combined view of the rating for Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership.

Veracode Overall Leader KuppingerCole Software Supply Chain Security.jpg

Innovation is the Heart of Intelligent Software Security & Customers are the Heart of Innovation 

To address the security risks and challenges posed by the software supply chain, we must navigate the treacherous waters with diligence, intelligence, and innovation. We couldn’t agree more fully with the report’s take on innovation: “Innovative companies take a customer-oriented upgrade approach, delivering customer-requested and other cutting-edge features, while maintaining compatibility with previous versions.” 

Providing customers with tangible risk reduction drives Veracode’s innovation. Take industry-leading supply chain solution provider and Veracode customer, Manhattan Associates, for example. 

Rob Thomas, Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Cloud Operations at Manhattan Associates, shares in a recent customer success story, “To me, Veracode’s tenure in the industry and the fact that they are cloud-based means they can continually deliver new innovation to meet our changing needs... Our cloud-native model means we’re delivering new software continuously. Having a cloud-native partner like Veracode enables us to scan our software continuously so we have real-time confidence that our solution is as safe as possible.” 

Veracode Innovation Leader KuppingerCole Software Supply Chain Security

Intelligent Software Security is Software Supply Chain Security 

Our commitment to intelligent software security provides robust defense against the security threats of the software supply chain. Our innovative solution doesn’t merely produce a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and scan open-source dependencies to detect known vulnerabilities using SCA. We proactively prevent vulnerabilities with security seamlessly integrated into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and efficiently reduce risk with AI-generated secure code fixes developers can review and implement without writing any code. To improve the security of the pipeline itself, check out this blueprint for integrating integrity controls into your pipeline

“Veracode is a leader in all KuppingerCole Leadership Compass categories and provides depth in source, API security, and vulnerability detection SSCS capabilities while providing visibility of key SSCS indicators. Veracode should be considered when evaluating SSCS solutions.” Thank you to KuppingerCole for your work in providing organizations with standardized criteria for informed decision making. 

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By Natalie Tischler

Natalie Tischler believes in a world where software is built secure from the start. She writes content for Veracode that focuses on empowering harmony between Security and Development teams.