/dec 20, 2023

4 Ways Veracode Fix Is a Game Changer for DevSecOps

By Natalie Tischler

In the fast-paced world of software development, too often security takes a backseat to meeting strict deadlines and delivering new features. Discovering software has accrued substantial security debt that will take months to fix can rip up the schedules of even the best development teams.  

An AI-powered tool that assists developers in remediating flaws becomes an invaluable asset in this context. In Veracode Fix, we’ve harnessed the capabilities of generative AI to build a specialized tool that allows developers to remediate flaws within minutes without manually writing a single line of code.  

Watch this 3-minute demo of how you can easily take flawed code and use Veracode Fix to generate easily-implemented remediation suggestions. 

4 Major Benefits of Veracode Fix in DevSecOps 

Here are four ways that Veracode Fix supercharges DevSecOps and your SDLC with the swift remediation of security flaws. 

1. Tackle Security Debt with Rapid Flaw Remediation 

One of the most significant risks faced by organizations with software is security debt. While the advent of AI, automation, microservices, and third-party libraries helps developers code faster, there exists the negative side effect of more code bringing more flaws and vulnerabilities with them. 

Veracode Fix is a game changer by allowing developers to start closing the security debt gap through rapid remediation of a sizeable portion of flaws in a matter of clicks. With an initial release for C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript (with more to come), the generative AI tool can remediate 74% of Java Static Analysis findings on average.  

2. Reduces Mean Time to Resolve/Remediate (MTTR) 

Typical remediation workflows require teams to fix flaws they don't necessarily understand or didn't even create, which requires them to invest more time they already don't have. Resolving these issues can be especially demanding, involving several steps such as identification, prioritization, ticketing, and thorough research. Hence, flaws persist for months before a manual fix is finally made. 

With Veracode Fix, teams can generate fixes that are easily applied in minutes, drastically reducing MTTR. This is a great metric for measuring the impact teams have on risk reduction.  

3. Leverages 17 Years of Experience 

A major issue with most generative AI platforms is that the training model is potentially fed with insecure open-source libraries which raises security risks in the code created. However, Veracode Fix is built on Veracode's proprietary dataset of tried-and-true security practices gained from 17 years of experience in the industry. A dataset that will continue to learn, grow, and adapt to emerging security trends.  

Included in this foundational dataset are "master patches" that have been carefully curated by security experts and researchers within Veracode. Leveraging this combination of experience, expertise, and AI assistance ensures remediations generated are reliable and consistent. Hence, developers gain confidence in how they are addressing risks in applications. 

4. Responsible-by-Design AI 

Another risk associated with AI platforms is the potential inclusion of public or customer data in their training datasets. This introduces licensing and legal concerns regarding the safety of your company's intellectual property. But Veracode Fix operates as a responsible AI tool as it is not trained on open-source code, code in the wild, or customer data. 

Instead, it is a proprietary closed-loop AI system trained on Veracode's knowledge base. This means that remediations cannot generate compromised or sensitive information, allowing your organization and developers to harness the power of AI with peace of mind. 

Supercharge DevSecOps with Veracode Fix 

As a specialized AI remediation tool, Veracode Fix generates fixes almost instantly, accelerating MTTR, and supercharging DevSecOps workflows. With the help of our responsible-by-design AI, the amount of risk you can reduce in a matter of clicks is tremendous. 

To learn more about Veracode Fix and its transformative capabilities for your organization’s DevSecOps process, click here

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By Natalie Tischler

Natalie Tischler believes in a world where software is built secure from the start. She writes content for Veracode that focuses on empowering harmony between Security and Development teams.