PYLONIX is a Software as a Service company that focuses on streamlining the patient Care Transitions process. We address one of the essential issues the healthcare industry face - eliminating all manual interventions in patient Transfer & Placement process by transforming the care transitions paradigm to deliver improved productivity, transparency, efficiency and treatment outcomes.

Application Name: PYLONIX

PYLONIX gives you the insights and tools to transform the patient Transfer and Placement process by establishing system-wide interoperability and electronic communication at all touch points in the healthcare system.

Veracode Verified Standard represents that the following application security practices are embedded into the software development process:

  • Assessment of first-party code using static analysis
  • Documentation that the application does not allow Very High flaws in its first-party code
  • Developer access to remediation guidance Verified Standard is the first of three (3) tiers representing the Verified program.

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The Veracode Verified directory is an online platform that enables you to view a list of companies that are in the Verified program. The companies provide applications or solutions created by such third-party companies (“Third-Party Offerings”). The Third-Party Offering, and its associated content provided to you, is subject to a separate End User License Agreement (“EULA”) with the applicable licensor.

These are Offerings that are not owned, created, licensed, or sponsored by Veracode. Veracode does not assume any liability with any Third-Party Offering and is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or nature of the Third-Party Offering or its content. Nothing in any third-party EULA shall limit, impact or supersede any of these terms.


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