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Applications achieving Verified status


Application Name: Snare Enterprise Windows Agent
APPLICATION DESCRIPTION: Using Snare Enterprise Windows Agent application Prophecy International has derived the below solutions:

Snare’s Operating System Agents collect logs and coalesce them for unified forensics and analysis. They monitor all components of the operating system, including user login activity, file monitoring, process monitoring, kernel, all administrative activity, and more. Snare O/S agents are the industry standard and used around the world to aggregate logging across entire Fortune 500 enterprises. Snare Operating System Agents are built for Windows, Linux, Solaris and OSX. They can be used as a standalone event log auditing tool or it can send data to the Snare Central Server or another syslog server for analysis and storage.

Application Name: Snare Agent Manager
APPLICATION DESCRIPTION: Using Snare Agent Manager application Prophecy International has derived the below solutions:

Snare Agent Manager (SAM) delivers advanced license management for Snare Agents. It is also a central console that includes the binary distribution feature, meaning all Windows 5.1 and later agent upgrades can be managed from one central location. The SAM is scalable, so a customer can run one or more central consoles depending on the complexity of their environment to suit their agent management needs.

Veracode Verified Standard represents that the following application security practices are embedded into the software development process:

  • Assessment of first-party code using static analysis
  • Documentation that the application does not allow Very High flaws in its first-party code
  • Developer access to remediation guidance Verified Standard is the first of three (3) tiers representing the Verified program.

Learn more about the Veracode Verified program by clicking here.

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