Amtech Software Company

Amtech Software Company

Amtech Software has serviced the corrugated and folding carton packaging manufacturing industry for over forty years in North America, Latin America, and EMEA. Amtech’s powerful and innovative ERP/MES software, automation solutions, and complete IT management solutions are utilized at over 600 plants with over 60,000 users.

Application Name: EnCore K2 by Amtech

EnCore K2 by Amtech delivers a web-based ERP/MES eco-system for the packaging manufacturing industry. The solution streamlines and automates customer operations for everything a manufacturer needs to manage from receiving and processing an order, to production, to shipping and delivery, then to invoice and payment. By providing a fully integrated environment, EnCore K2 by Amtech makes it easy for manufacturers to add additional modules such as business/production Intelligence with KPIs and analytics, enhanced plant scheduling platform the leverages AI, real-time production monitoring combined with digital signage to increase production efficiency, solutions to dynamically manage industry cost changes, and much more.

Veracode Verified Standard represents that the following application security practices are embedded into the software development process:

  • Assessment of first-party code using static analysis
  • Documentation that the application does not allow Very High flaws in its first-party code
  • Developer access to remediation guidance Verified Standard is the first of three (3) tiers representing the Verified program.

Learn more about the Veracode Verified program by clicking here.

Application Name: Amtech EnCore Alps

EnCore Alps by Amtech delivers a web-based ERP/MES eco-system specifically designed for large, multi-plant, corrugated packaging manufacturers. The solution streamlines and automates customer operations, including language and currency conversions, for everything a multi-location manufacturer needs to manage their business from receiving and processing an order, to production, to shipping and delivery, then to invoice and payment. EnCore Alps by Amtech makes it easy for manufacturers to simplify their company management and add additional modules along the way to have real-time views into performance, tools to increase production efficiency, and ways to easily manage dynamic, market cost changes.

Application Name: Amtech API

Amtech’s Digital API Solution provides powerful integration between Amtech’s ERP, EnCore, and outside, third-party tools. Amtech’s customers utilize these solutions to connect to systems such as their digital printers, design automation software, e-Commerce solutions, CRM systems, and much more. Customers now have the confidence that the tool they are using to integrate with third-party tools has been verified with Veracode.

Application Name: Amtech Customer Care Portal

The Customer Care Portal Module, as part of the Amtech Software Product Suite, provides manufacturers a mechanism for their customers order product, check inventory, monitor production status, collaborate on product design, and view invoices with easy, secure online access. 24x7 access allows customers to self-service when it is convenient for them. This enhances a manufacturers competitive edge in their marketplace and allows them to service more customers without having to add more customer service or sales staff.

Application Name: Amtech ScoreKeeper

Amtech’s ScoreKeeper Production Monitoring Solution combines data-rich digital signage, production monitoring of machinery, and real-time production intelligence/analytics into a singular solution that increases employee motivation, efficiency, and capture/accuracy of production data. Deployed on over 400 machines in North America, EMEA, and Latin America, ScoreKeeper can monitor any production process that measures items linearly.

Application Name: Amtech Axiom

Axiom ERP provides the packaging industry a complete ERP/MES specifically designed for corrugated packaging manufacturers. The solution streamlines and automates customer operations, including language and currency conversions with integrated scheduling. Axiom is deployed at corrugator manufactures across North and Latin America. Managing everything from order placement to invoice, customers streamline their entire business process so they can focus on producing quality corrugated board for their customers.

Application Name: Amtech Visual Analytics LITE

Amtech’s Visual Analytics LITE provides detailed business and production intelligence to customers through visual dashboards, intuitive drill-throughs, and easy to create and deliver reports and analytics. Accessed from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, customers are able to track KPIs, understand business performance, and become proactive in making informed business decisions. Installed at over 130 locations and integrated throughout the Amtech eco-system, businesses know where they are, where they have been, and where they are going.

Application Name: Sign & Drive

Amtech’s Sign & Drive is a zero-touch signature capture and paperless workflow for delivery receipts. This solution allows customers to speed up bill and collect money sooner. It eliminates manual match-ups and managing paper documents and automates distribution of proof-of-deliveries, signature capture while adding optional automated billing. Users can access this seamless, web-based solution via their mobile devices and desktops.

The Veracode Verified directory is an online platform that enables you to view a list of companies that are in the Verified program. The companies provide applications or solutions created by such third-party companies (“Third-Party Offerings”). The Third-Party Offering, and its associated content provided to you, is subject to a separate End User License Agreement (“EULA”) with the applicable licensor.

These are Offerings that are not owned, created, licensed, or sponsored by Veracode. Veracode does not assume any liability with any Third-Party Offering and is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or nature of the Third-Party Offering or its content. Nothing in any third-party EULA shall limit, impact or supersede any of these terms.


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