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State of Software Security 2023 EMEA Snapshot

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Each year we publish a series of cuts of the data specific to verticals or geographic regions as companion research to the State of Software Security (SoSS). These cuts allow us to narrow the lens slightly and explore where we are, how we got there, and how we could do things better. It also provides an excellent chance to tease out relevant trends that get somewhat buried in the aggregate data view of the main report. This search for the signal also lets us baseline performance against peers in other geographies and yields an aggregate view.

What you will learn:
Where we currently are in EMEA
How we got here
What can we do to improve
What our customers say:
“We use Veracode continuously during our implementation process. Therefore, we have it integrated into our CI/CD pipeline. Whenever we publish new code, it is a security gate in our Pull Request policy that the Veracode scan runs on success.”

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State of Software Security 2023 EMEA Snapshot

Unveiling the State of Software Security in Europe, Middle East, and Africa