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Cybersecurity 360SummIT 2024

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About this Report:

Software is drowning in security debt. Over 70% of organizations have security debt and nearly half have critical debt. This report explains how critical the security debt endemic is, why risk prioritization is key, and what is effective in securing the software supply chain. Download your copy now.

What you will learn:
Top contributing factors
Discover where most critical security debt is (first-party code vs open source), what contributes to it, and more.
Risk reduction benchmarks
Find out benchmarks and recommendations for reducing security debt in order to stay ahead of the pack.
Software supply chain security
Unlock the proactive steps teams can start today for making a measurable difference in software supply chain security.
What Our Customers Say
“Veracode was really easy to use, and developers were able to go in and scan early and often. In the first eight months, we had 18,000 flaws fixed. It was just phenomenal.”

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Cybersecurity 360SummIT 2024

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