Geography Matters – European Region

Geography Matters – European Region

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Veracode’s cloud-based instance is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Organisations in Europe, focused on high availability can now use the European (Frankfurt) cloud-based instance as part of their strategy in building and deploying secure software in a fast, low-latency, and scalable environment. Our European instance is based on AWS and uses such services as: EKS, RDS, Aurora, Lambda, and DynamoDB.

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Digging Deeper on Data Residency

Data residency not only refers to the physical or geographic locations of an organisation’s information, but also applies to the legal or regulatory requirements imposed on data based on the country or region it resides in.

Businesses globally are migrating to the cloud with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based models that enable secure development, at scale, without compromising on speed and innovation. However, many European organisations are hesitant to adopt the cloud and obtain the many benefits that come with it if their data is to reside outside of the European region.

In the case of Veracode, building a cloud instance in Europe helps address cloud adoption hesitancy, by offering complete peace of mind to all organisations that require their data reside geographically in Europe. This European cloud-based instance enables all European organisations to confidently migrate and or develop their applications securely in the cloud, with the knowledge that their data will be handled within European regulatory standards.

The Veracode and AWS Partnership

Veracode is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS DevOps Competency. Veracode application security (AppSec) solutions help our customers create secure software, reduce the risk of security breach, and increase security and development teams’ productivity.

For more information on how Veracode and AWS help organisations embrace DevSecOps in the cloud, please look at our AWS partnership page -

Listen to what our customers have to say about SaaS based Application Security here, and get in touch for more information on the new European cloud instance.

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