Veracode Helps Automation Anywhere Confidently Release the First Web-Based, Cloud-Native RPA Solution

“Like Automation Anywhere, Veracode is a leader in its industry.”

Veracode Verified helps Automation Anywhere use security to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

The Challenge

Automation Anywhere specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a technology that enables businesses to configure “bots” to perform human-like tasks in a digital environment. These bots can interact with virtually any enterprise application. This is highly beneficial for businesses looking to automate processes and streamline business operations. But, giving bots a similar level of access as humans to company and client data comes with its share of security concerns. What would happen if a bot accidentally leaked sensitive client data?

Businesses need reassurance that implementing the Automation Anywhere RPA platform will not lead to a devastating data breach.

The Solution

After researching and evaluating several AppSec vendors, Automation Anywhere selected Veracode. Veracode was the clear choice not only because it’s an industry leader, but also because of its ability to keep up with the speed of business and easily scale, and for its Veracode Verified program.

Scale with ease and reduce time to market

Automation Anywhere needed a security solution that would run at the speed of its business and reduce its time to market. With Veracode, Automation Anywhere developers are testing their code in real time as they’re developing, avoiding security bottlenecks later in the development process.

The company also needed a solution that could easily scale. With development centers across the globe employing hundreds of software developers, Veracode enables Automation Anywhere to deploy a software security testing solution at scale.

Using security as a competitive advantage

The Veracode Verified program gives organizations a roadmap to help them achieve the highest level of application security. There are three tiers that clients can attain, Continuous being the ultimate goal.

Automation Anywhere recently achieved the Verified Continuous status, earning a seal for its website and giving it a competitive edge over other RPA vendors. Armed with its new ranking, Automation Anywhere was able to “provide a level of confidence to customers,” as well as “peace of mind that the product has been well tested and there are no medium or above vulnerabilities in the code.”

The Results

Automation Anywhere recently launched the first-ever cloud-generated RPA platform, Enterprise A2019. This SaaS-based RPA platform gives businesses infinite scalability, allowing them to grow their digital workforce as their automations grow.

Automation Anywhere is the industry’s first vendor to offer a cloud service that is SOC 2 Type 1 certified. The SOC 2 Type 1 certification validates that Automation Anywhere has taken the appropriate steps and put a team in place to assess its security controls. The team monitors such things as access controls, encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, and even disaster recovery — all to ensure the highest level of protection. Additionally, Automation Anywhere has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, demonstrating full compliance with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards for information assets.

Offering a cloud platform comes with a new, more complex set of security risks. With a SaaS offering, Automation Anywhere is now deploying updates for customers on a regular basis. Veracode worked with Automation Anywhere to build an application security program that’s integrated into software development, from the integrated development environment (IDE) to the pipeline, ensuring those updates are scanned for security in real time.

With the backing of Veracode Verified, clients have an increased confidence in Automation Anywhere, and Automation Anywhere has an increased confidence in its new software.

About Automation Anywhere

Founded in 2003, Automation Anywhere is a global enterprise software company that has quickly made a name for itself, gaining thousands of customers, including Global 2000 and Fortune 100 businesses, in more than 90 countries. As its business grew, Automation Anywhere realized that without proper security in place, it could leave critical tasks vulnerable to attack, compromise its customers, and easily damage its reputation. That’s why Automation Anywhere chose to partner with Veracode. As Gautam Roy, head of product marketing, security at Automation Anywhere, explains, “Like Automation Anywhere, Veracode is the industry leader in offering a security platform.” Partnering with Veracode, Automation Anywhere recognized that the Veracode Verified program provided a path, along with milestones, to help it achieve a high level of application security. By achieving the highest level of the program, Verified Continuous, Automation Anywhere was able to build its business through a competitive advantage in the RPA market that allowed it to increase its customers.

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