/mar 12, 2020

AppSec Analytics and Reporting Tools Give You the Edge of Insight

By Meaghan Mcbee

As DevSecOps takes hold, more developers are taking on security-minded responsibilities. Instituting strong AppSec governance with policies backed by analytics and reporting enables developers to focus on real-world problems and deliver secure code ahead of schedule.

It’s all in the numbers. When development and security teams invest in the right tools to speed up their processes and improve their AppSec, data and insights only help demonstrate success to management while also proving compliance with clear reporting on defined criteria. That’s where the right solutions with proof-positive results come into play.

Merge inputs and manage expectations with metrics

Durable governance frameworks make all the difference when it comes to streamlining and consolidating AppSec efforts for multiple teams. They incorporate input from numerous stakeholders and sources to best address the practical needs and requirements of the AppSec program. Not only does this ensure that everyone is on the same page for hitting goals and desired outcomes, but if done correctly, it places the focus on security as a group effort rather than individual, siloed teams.     

Leaning on metrics, organizations can better manage their departments and programs by gaining visibility into what works and what doesn’t work, where efforts need to scale up or down, and how to best achieve the goals they set with defined policies in mind. This way, developers know exactly which issues require attention and which ones are not mission-critical to hitting deployment dates.

Optimize efforts through data-driven visions

Without the right data on-hand to optimize efforts in a meaningful way, it can be difficult to guide developers and make the best decisions about future investments. Veracode Analytics makes it easier for organizations to mature their programs with insights into the best ways to scale efforts and hit AppSec goals. Analytics pave the way to ensure that resources are used in the most cost-efficient ways by weighing remediation against mitigation so that teams can make vital decisions about developer skills and where there may be gaps in training.

Additionally, data-driven insights help businesses decide which tools and solutions are best for their needs. Analytics can simplify the creation of SLAs and policy rules, too, defining when developers should scan and how quickly they should remediate vulnerabilities. By shining a light on gaps in training and skills, analytics help ensure that development teams have everything they need to find and address issues without halting production.

Demonstrate success and prove compliance

When unable to demonstrate success, any dedicated AppSec program is at risk of failure. Analytics, metrics, and policy reporting provide the insight organizations must have to show proof-positive progress and give stakeholders the confidence they need for decision-making and budget setting. Dashboards and data visualizations in Veracode Analytics make the information easy to consume, with trackable metrics that prove compliance, show flaw rates, highlight fix rates, and give companies the edge for achieving business goals.

Now more than ever, regulations around software security are essential to complying with government guidelines and customer requirements. Inclusive results from penetration testing, coupled with automated scans, can help meet compliance regulations like GDPR (Article 32), PCI DSS (Requirement 11.3), Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and regional laws that impact businesses locally.  

Organizations have the ability to leverage data from Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Penetration Testing, and Software Composition Analysis in one dashboard or report.

Data compiled from customized or standard policy reports is easily reported directly into an organization’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) system too, ensuring that each stakeholder and decision-maker has the information they need to guide future AppSec decisions.

Gain the edge of insight

When it comes to facing and fine-tuning old AppSec governance policies that must accommodate modern security needs, organizations should adjust course with analytics, metrics, and policies that help developers deliver better code.

Veracode AppSec Governance solutions are built to enhance programs when it’s time to realign. Get in touch to learn more about Veracode’s solutions.

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By Meaghan Mcbee

Meaghan McBee is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Veracode, responsible for creating content around best practices in application security and the current state of DevSecOps.