/oct 16, 2020

Watch Here: How to Build a Successful AppSec Program

By Meaghan Mcbee

Cyberattackers and threat actors won’t take a break and wait for you to challenge them with your security efforts – you need a proactive application security (AppSec) program to get ahead of threats and remediate flaws quickly. It’s critical that you stand up an AppSec program covering all the bases, from which roles each team member will have to alignment on KPIs and goals, and even a detailed application inventory to stay on top of your code.

But it isn’t enough to simply set ground rules and define your goals; good AppSec programs succeed because they come from the top-down, with stakeholders committed at the executive level. This helps maintain accountability and ensures that developers and security professionals are aligned when it comes to targets for flaw remediation. Part of that effort involves standing up a Security Champions program, too, enabling your developers to work alongside security and take ownership over securing their code.

If you follow these and other recommendations, your AppSec program should run like a well-oiled machine with the flexibility and security you need to keep creating innovative applications. Watch this video to learn about what goes into building a successful AppSec program, and check out the full How-to Series here


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By Meaghan Mcbee

Meaghan McBee is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Veracode, responsible for creating content around best practices in application security and the current state of DevSecOps.