/sep 26, 2017

Introducing the New Veracode Community

By Asha May

We’re excited to announce the public launch of our new Veracode Community – a central destination for developers and security professionals to exchange best practices, and discuss trends in AppSec and secure development.

As businesses continue to increase their reliance on software, you’re feeling pressure for faster version releases, while simultaneously reducing the risk of a breach. The Veracode Community is an essential resource to enable crucial collaboration between development and security professionals.

Both developers and security professionals – whether you are a Veracode user or not - will be able to ask questions about application security and Veracode products and services, and find answers provided by their peers. You’ll also find the tools you need to integrate security into the software development process, including access to Veracode APIs and plugins.

Beyond integration, the Community provides an opportunity to collaborate with Veracode on solution improvements. Our customers range across every size and industry, and your development environments are equally diverse. We want to elevate the conversation with our customers to ensure that Veracode supports your environments. The Ideas feature of the Community enables Veracode users to post solution improvement ideas, and allows other Veracode users to vote on relevance of those ideas to their own environments.

Other resources available in the Community include remediation guidance, Veracode product documentation, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to useful training and thought leadership content.

We understand that developers and security professionals can no longer work in separate worlds. To ensure software is secure, you need to understand each other’s needs, and work in concert. The Veracode Community is your destination to find answers to pressing questions, and collaborate on solutions to your toughest AppSec challenges.

To learn more about our plans for the Community, and to see a demo of how to access various resources, forums, and tools, watch our on-demand webinar.

Join the Veracode Community at https://community.veracode.com.


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By Asha May

Asha leads the Customer Experience programs at Veracode, including the Veracode Community and Veracode Verified programs. Asha is passionate about the opportunity for better conversations, better engagement, and better alignment with customers through digital programs. Asha has held both services and marketing roles at Veracode since joining in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry.