/jul 12, 2023

Improve Visibility, Reporting, and Automation With Veracode’s Reporting API

By Devin Maguire

A high-functioning security program leverages data to drive optimization – by satisfying governance, reporting, and compliance (GRC) requirements efficiently, creating visibility for risk-based prioritization, and leveraging automation throughout the software development lifecycle. Often, however, the data needed to drive these processes is spread across a complex ecosystem. Fortunately, solutions like Veracode’s new Reporting API provide data extensibility making it easy for you to leverage your rich application security testing data beyond the Veracode platform. 

Here are three examples of how you can leverage Veracode’s new Reporting API to simplify reporting, improve decision support, and drive automation in your DevSecOps program. 

Using Application Security Testing Data Extensibility for Centralized Visibility and Reporting 

Rarely does a single platform or solution generate all the data relevant to an organization’s DevSecOps program. This means consumers of the data either need to navigate across different tools or, preferably, have data from the various tools consolidated into a single endpoint. However, often this process is manual and ad hoc, and it takes time and effort to wrangle data into cohesive reports. 

A comprehensive software security solution helps alleviate reporting workloads by consolidating and correlating application security data across software components and scanning technologies. But Veracode goes a step further making data extensible to facilitate efficient report generation.  

For example, say you want to view application security KPIs alongside KPIs for system availability, cloud resource management, network traffic, and project milestones in a single dashboard. Application security data is only one part of this larger picture. Veracode’s Reporting API provides a single API to leverage analytics data outside the Veracode platform making it easy for users to query and filter their Veracode analytics data to populate an endpoint, in this case the centralized dashboard, with Veracode application security findings data.  

Using Application Security Testing Data Extensibility to Enhance Decision Support 

Beyond simplifying reporting workflows, aggregating data across different tools opens use cases to improve visibility and enhance decision support. Integrating data across application security testing, vulnerability management, cloud management, CRM systems, and more breaks through silos and informs strategic decisions. 

For example, Veracode customers can leverage the Reporting API to analyze and track flaw introduction and remediation in the context of threat modeling and detection to create risk-based heatmaps as part of their vulnerability management program. Or they can build a centralized GRC dashboard integrating application security findings data, change management logs, and compliance reports into a holistic view of software-related risks and compliance status to proactively mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid legal and financial liabilities.  

Using Application Security Testing Data Extensibility for Ticketing and Workflow Automation 

Finally, integrating application security testing data with bug tracking systems can automatically generate tickets and trigger workflow automation. Veracode’s Reporting API enables customers to leverage their findings data to automatically create tickets or trigger actions based on predefined rules and applications security findings. For example, critical vulnerabilities can automatically generate high-priority tickets and notify the appropriate teams for immediate resolution, while lower-severity issues can be assigned to the appropriate developers for scheduled fixes. This integration not only accelerates the remediation process but also ensures that security concerns are addressed in a timely and systematic manner leading to improved application security and overall software quality.  


Data extensibility has emerged as a powerful platform component. Solutions like Veracode’s Reporting API empower organizations to streamline application security reporting, prioritize resources to manage risk and provide security assurance, and improve their ability to detect and respond to security threats promptly. As businesses continue to navigate the complex landscape of software security, this is critical to support the efficient delivery and lifetime maintenance of resilient software.  

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By Devin Maguire

Devin is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager helping customers confidently deliver secure software faster by placing developers and security practitioners at the fulcrum of Veracode’s product positioning and messaging.