/sep 7, 2012

Hackathon Feedback: A Look Towards December

By Neil Dupaul

After our latest Hackathon I wanted to get feedback from our various participants on what they thought of the event and what they thought could be improved. We came up with three simple questions and welcomed any answers at all. What you see below is a sampling of the responses we received.

Describe the Hackathon in 3 words.

  • Veracoders Making Magic
  • Pretty Dang Awesome
  • Work is fun.
  • Dynamic scan visualization
  • Really Freakin’ Awesome
  • Whole lotta fun?
  • Cornucopia of imaginations
  • Should be everyday
  • Idea Implementation Time

What was your favorite hack from this Hackathon?

  • Ben’s Voltage Amplifier (I refer to it as the Lightning Gun)
  • Ethan’s work on generating DPA from SAF is just ludicrous
  • working domain auth on UNIX hosts
  • Mine of course (twurle!) J/K I had to sleep before I got to see most of them :(
  • I liked a bunch, but the OMGPonies one was up there.
  • all of them
  • Veramood
  • Map viewer for the new office space.
  • Dynamic Operations Scan Queue UI

What would you like to see added that you feel would improve the next Hackathon?

  • More Participants from throughout Veracode
  • More dynamic project lists. The flip pads are very visible, but are all over the office. An easy-to-use online project list would make it easier to see all the projects. Unfortunately, a wiki page would not serve well due to the need for multiple simultaneous update access, so this may require its own hack.
  • The demo portion at the end could probably be a bit easier to attend and/or demo. Most of this would likely be solved by our new space.
  • Some sort of online team collaboration suite where we could form “virtual” work-groups before the hack-a-thon and start brainstorming/researching ideas with like minded peeps
  • More participation from outside core engineering. We got great hacks from Sarah (ponies), and Anne (tasty drinks). I would even go farther. I know there are some very imaginative Avid and eDialog people.
  • More diverse bounties – Having a wider amount of topics for the bounty would get more people involved.
  • Burritos shipped to Japan.
  • T-shirts that fit.

A huge thank you to all our Veracoders that took time out of their busy schedules to give us feedback. We're hoping our next Hackathon happens in December and we will do our best to incorporate your feedback, thanks again!

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By Neil Dupaul

Neil is a Marketing Technologist working on the Content and Corporate teams at Veracode. He currently focuses on Developer Awareness through strategic content creation. In his spare time you'll find him doting over his lovely wife and daughter. He is a Co-Owner of CrossFit Amoskeag in Bedford NH, his favorite topic is artificial intelligence, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.