Application Name:

Icertis Contract Management

Assessment Technique(s):

Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis

Assurance Level:

Very High: Mission critical for the business

VerAfied since:


Application Description:

The most disruptive force in enterprise IT since ERP is not contract management, but contract intelligence. Beyond simple document management, electronic signatures, clause libraries – the Icertis Contract Management platform enables a new tier of business intelligence offering an enterprise-wide 360-degree view of all enterprise contracts, deep insights and automatic oversight in a user-centric environment that accelerates time to contract, reduces risk and improves the bottom line.


In its reviewed state, the Icertis Contract Management application meets or exceeds the security score outlined in the CA Veracode Risk Adjusted Verification Methodology for an application at the assurance level specified above. CA Veracode’s risk adjusted verification methodology is based on respected industry standards including MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) for classification of software weaknesses and FIRST’s Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for severity and ease of exploitability and NIST's definitions of assurance levels.




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