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Unmatched Customer Support


Veracode provides technical support to assist customers with use of its solutions, to resolve technical problems, and to communicate information about upcoming changes. Through telephone support, online ticketing systems, and the community, we are here to help fix what breaks and step up for any hurdles that happen during your application development process. Integrating has never been easier, as we help configure our integrations and support the ones you build.

“Customer and platform support is one of the best in the field. The experts are skilled and can have as many meetings and researches as needed.” – Gustavo G, IT Central Station


TS Services Page - When you need help

When you need help

Veracode Technical Support  helps you when you need it most, fixing problems as they come up

We help fix issues with the platform, provide login credentials when you need them, and analyze any challenges

If you prefer searching for answers by yourself, we provide an extensive library of online documentation including compilation requirements, upload instructions, and tutorials, as well as an online community where you can ask questions

TS Services Page - Assistance with integrations

Assistance with integrations

Integrating with your SDLC or security systems can help automate and scale your program, making application security an automated part of your processes

Get help setting up standard integration with your systems or using our APIs to create custom integrations

If any of your integrations stops working, we will be there to help troubleshoot

TS Service Page - Here for you around the clock

Here for you around the clock

Available 24 X 5 telephone support during standard business hours from 7PM Sunday through 8PM Friday, Eastern Time, excluding Veracode recognized holidays at either 877-837-2203 or 781-425-6040

Technical support is just a click away. Open support cases via the community, platform, email, or phone.

Support may also be reached during non-standard business hours and Veracode’s support personnel will respond to non-standard business hour contacts based upon the severity of the issue.

Premium services are available for even faster response times and even more program management solutions

TS Services Page - All Testing in One Unified Platform

All Testing in One Unified Platform

Prioritize your remediation with reports that are easy to understand and delegate to the teams responsible.

Get a better understanding of your organizations risk from development through production

Create and manage your organizations security policies and ensure that every application is meeting your required policies. Get attestations for government and industry regulations and compliance policies.”