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State of Software Security 2023 Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

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What this whitepaper covers:

Each year we publish a series of cuts of the data specific to industry verticals or geographic regions as companion research to the State of Software Security (SoSS). These cuts allow us to explore where we are now, how we can improve, and relevant trends for specific sectors. This search for the signal also lets us track progress, which is particularly interesting this year for our Financial Services cut. 

What you will learn:
How Financial Services compares to other industries
Recommendations to prevent the introduction of flaws over the lifetime of an app
How to improve the remediation timeline
What our customers say:
“We have well over 1,000 deployments a month. But our developers became so efficient that scans went from 16 minutes to less than six minutes. With Veracode on our side, we have the roadmap we need to continue our journey of success.”