Veracode Interactive Analysis

Veracode Interactive Analysis

Fast and Accurate Security Feedback in the Pipeline

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Dealing With Security Debt?

As DevOps and Agile practices accelerate release cycles, security teams struggle to keep pace. Without just-in-time feedback and reliable vulnerability insights, developers are understandably reluctant to add pipeline components that extend runtime.

As a result, software is often released without fully addressing weaknesses, causing security debt to pile up over time.

Security Debt 2

The top 1% of applications with the highest scan frequency carry about 5 times less debt than the bottom one-third.

Embed DevSecOps in Your Pipeline

To realize the promise of DevSecOps, teams need a way to unify processes and secure code at the speed of innovation for their mutual benefit.

Veracode Interactive Analysis (IAST) enables organizations to embed DevSecOps into the pipeline to get high-quality security feedback, fast.

Find Vulnerabilities in the Pipeline Fast

Deliver value through fast iterations. Veracode’s single, lightweight agent simplifies CI/CD tooling and adds only 3 percent to pipeline timelines.

Leverage your existing CI/CD tool, whether Jenkins or others, to receive fast feedback and eliminate the need to learn a new approach.

Make it easy for developers to remediate vulnerabilities and reduce risk of breach with results showing exactly where flaws exist within code.

Get Vulnerability Checks Your Way

Extend functionality by adding customized vulnerability checks through LiveTrack™, a patent-pending programming language for advanced use cases.

LiveTrack™ identifies potentially tainted data coming from an application and tags it for tracking through the application.

If a trigger is set off, where the potentially tainted data could be used maliciously, it will be reported as a vulnerability.

Get High-Accuracy Results

Observe vulnerabilities at runtime from within the code and prove exploitability of a security issue beyond doubt.

Get insights within the pipeline, understand exactly where code flaws exist, and respond fast — reducing the risk of breach.

Developers save time and stay focused by detecting and removing duplicate findings across multiple QA scripts.

Plug Directly Into Runtime Environments

Unlike other IAST solutions, Veracode requires no code changes or bytecode injections into source code in order to function.

Reduce unnecessary overhead and avoid costly delivery delays.

Induce the IAST agent using testing or scanners already built into your program, including manual testing, QA testing, and DAST scanning.

Simplify Testing With One Multi-Language Agent

Eliminate tooling complexity with Veracode Interactive Analysis.

Get comprehensive coverage. Unlike other IAST solutions that require separate agents for each programming language, Veracode uses a single agent to cover all languages.

Keep it simple. Veracode’s IAST agent leverages existing QA scripts, and is run as a seamless part of the CI pipeline.

Vulnerability Checks Your Way

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Cloud-based from day one, our scalable and modular platform is backed by years of experience and trillions of lines of code scanned. Get a personal guided tour with a Veracode expert.