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Embed DevSecOps In The Pipeline

Veracode Interactive Analysis installs in the pipeline with a lightweight, multi-language agent that delivers high-quality results.


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Find Vulnerabilities In The Pipeline Fast

Veracode Interactive Analysis’ agent finds vulnerabilities in code by leveraging existing QA automation. It only extends pipeline run time by about 3 percent for a 5-minute QA phase, that’s only about 9 seconds.


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Simplify Testing With One Agent

Other IAST solutions require separate agents for each programming language, complicating tooling when testing multi-language applications. Veracode Interactive Analysis uses a single agent to cover all languages.


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Get Accurate Results

Because vulnerabilities are observed at runtime from within the code, exploitability of a security issue is proven beyond doubt, reducing false positives. Veracode Interactive Analysis also detects and removes duplicate findings.


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Customize Vulnerability Checks

Advanced users can extend functionality by adding vulnerability checks through patent-pending LiveTrack™.


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