Technology Alliances & Integrations

Technology Alliances & Integrations

Making DevSecOps a Seamless Experience

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Extending the Benefits of Application Security

Leading technology providers partner with Veracode to extend the benefits of AppSec through their solutions, so customers can develop software with confidence.

Through our diverse and expanding alliances and integrations with developer tools, cloud computing platforms, and cybersecurity providers, we ensure Veracode AppSec solutions are available to organizations wherever they choose to purchase them or where they need them integrated to satisfy unique business requirements and development workflows.

Through our technology alliances, Veracode customers can maximize existing technology investments and create secure software, while reducing risk of security breach and improving team productivity.

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Alliances and Marketplaces

Our strategic alliances with leading development and cloud computing platforms are key partners in enabling customers to access and procure our solutions.

Veracode is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner with DevOps competency status, providing proven success to help implement continuous integration and delivery practices on AWS. Veracode Security Labs is also available on the AWS Marketplace.

To improve their workflow, Veracode is accessible to developers via various marketplaces including GitHubAtlassian, and Visual Studio.

Technology Alliance Program

Through the Veracode Technology Alliance Program (TAP), technology providers can leverage the advantages of Veracode solutions to deliver an integrated experience and scale their software security program. Through their participation in TAP, partners gain easier access to tools and resources to help build their integration, expand their capabilities, and speed time to market. Customers gain efficiencies with a structured framework to deliver secure software at scale and modernize their environments with SaaS-based software security.

Technology Alliance Program

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Product Integrations

Our Veracode and Community built integrations empower customers to develop secure software from the start.

By seamlessly integrating Veracode solutions with existing development pipeline and security systems, we automate scanning and reporting across the entire software lifecycle and significantly scale DevSecOps for our mutual customers.

Explore Our Integrations

Explore Our Integrations