/jun 14, 2017

Veracode Survey Research Shows Shift to DevOps and DevSecOps

By John Zorabedian

With the proliferation of attacks and breaches at the application layer, it's clear that application security testing is a growing necessity. What's less clear is how organizations can hope to bridge the gap between the priorities of development, operations, and security teams. To understand how organizations are handling these challenges, Veracode partnered with ESG to conduct a survey of IT professionals.

Given the acute shortage of cybersecurity skills, IT professionals in our survey recognize the security benefits from the shift to DevOps, which eases automation of security testing. Over half (58 percent) of respondents indicated that DevOps enabled automation of dynamic testing for continuous monitoring of web applications in production, while 56 percent said that DevOps enabled automation of security testing during development.

Check out the infographic below for more takeaways from the survey, and download the research report for a deeper dive into the trends affecting AppSec and AppDev today.

Securing the Software Development Pipeline Survey Infographic

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By John Zorabedian

John Zorabedian is a blogger, content marketer, and research editor. He has a background in marketing and journalism, writing about IT security, technology, business, politics and culture. He lives and works in the Boston area.