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SC Media Inducts Veracode into its 2019 Innovator Hall of Fame

By Jessica Lavery
SC Media’s

We are excited to announce that Veracode has been inducted into SC Media’s 2019 Innovator Hall of Fame. To select the honorees, the SC Media team leverages data from SC Labs testing groups, conferences, research, and referrals. The team then evaluates the nominees against strict criteria to ensure that the final selection is comprised of vendors with the most promising products and capabilities.

We’re honored to be one of only five new Hall of Fame inductees!

To announce its innovators, SC Media publishes an annual eBook highlighting the selected vendors’ greatest strengths.

“We interviewed each vendor to understand the security problems they identified and mitigated with their latest innovations,” the SC Media editors wrote. “Almost every organization pointed to two interrelated struggles: exhausting technological ‘noise’ and personnel fatigue.” This leaves security operations centers understaffed, overwhelmed, and frustrated, they continued.

“The vendors on this list understand these problems and recognize how such issues inhibit business operations and user experiences. They have responded with two helpful solutions: advanced automation and threat prioritization. Many platforms include artificial intelligence and machine learning that recognize patterns and can replicate remediation processes in the future to remove the manual burden from SOCs. Many new solutions also can determine whether a noted threat poses significant or minimal risk and adjust alert policies accordingly. In nearly every case, both automation and threat prioritization are integrated into a platform that can then easily integrate with existing infrastructures, making the transition to these nextgen solutions quick and easy,” the editors said.

Veracode was selected as an honoree in the Virtualization and cloud-based security category. The description said, in part:

The Veracode Platform provides an entire system of testing, scans and analysis that minimizes the presence of vulnerabilities and produces more secure software as a result. Veracode knows that vendors want to develop, use and sell software with confidence. By integrating into the development process multiple testing techniques — including static, dynamic and software composition analysis — the Veracode Platform can anticipate many potential vulnerabilities and resolve them before they ever materialize in a software’s final form.

Veracode also differentiates itself as a SaaS provider, according to SC Media, saying the model “makes Veracode versatile enough for local and global use, even by organizations with highly distributed personnel or partners.”

The recognition went on to say:

Veracode hopes to influence the cybersecurity ecosystem as well as the organizations they serve, so that vulnerability prevention becomes not just one possible solution amidst a series of alternatives but a standard step in software development procedures. All enterprises developing their own applications will likely benefit from the security measures integrated into the Veracode platform.

Veracode is also recognized for its ability to ease the workload of security and development teams by integrating multiple testing techniques into the development process. This strength is making a positive cultural impact on the perception of cybersecurity measures.

To learn more about our induction into the Innovator Hall of Fame, check out SC Media’s eBook, Innovators. For additional information on our comprehensive suite of products and services, visit the Veracode homepage

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By Jessica Lavery

Jessica is part of the content team at Veracode. In this role she strives to create and promote content that will engage, educate and inspire security professionals around the topic of application security. Jessica’s involvement with the security industry goes back more than a decade at companies like Astaro, and Sophos where she held roles in corporate communication and marketing.