/feb 2, 2021

Embracing the Digital Shift: Implementing DevSecOps in the Cloud with AWS

By Meaghan Mcbee

aws To keep up with increasing time and productivity demands in software development, it’s important that organizations are staying on top of their digital shifts through rapid technology adoption and the prevention of common snags in application security (AppSec). Developers must be enabled to create quality, secure code from the start of a project through to deployment of the application, which is why automation and integration are must-haves in your DevSecOps program as you make that shift to digital.

The scalability and flexibility that software-as-a-service (SaaS) products provide only help to leap over hurdles that arise during that digital shift. Veracode made the switch to Amazon Web Services (AWS) when it became clear that our customers needed greater flexibility and scalability, and today, we function as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with DevOps Competency that enables our customers to keep their code secure without disrupting the development process.

With this tech at their fingertips, we’ve seen our customers adopting optimized Static Analysis (SAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) testing within their CI/CD pipelines, integrated through AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline. Developers are also able to configure scans in the pipeline for quick pass/fail tests on critical security issues once they push their code to a new feature, while also running other vital unit and integration testing processes in CodeBuild, such as policy scans that can guide remediation.

Additionally, with the cloud set up and the right integrations in place, organizations have more room to leverage new technologies that they otherwise wouldn’t have the right environment to integrate. As an example, AWS permits Veracode to architect new solutions using services like AWS Lambda and AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS); flexibility made possible by the cloud.

To learn more about how Veracode works with AWS to build security into cloud-native developer workflows, read our blog.

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By Meaghan Mcbee

Meaghan McBee is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Veracode, responsible for creating content around best practices in application security and the current state of DevSecOps.