/jul 13, 2017

Podcast: The Necessary Skills for Success in a DevOps World

By Laura Paine

They don’t make apps like they used to. DevOps has moved away from rows of specialists handling their own tiny segment of code, advancing to a more comprehensive Full Spectrum Engineer. Today’s developers need to have a breadth of skills that can take an idea from inception to production – with one person and no handoffs.

What we’re seeing is the natural ebb and flow between the specialist and the generalist. When a technology is new, we seek out a specialist with the appropriate skillset. But as the technology becomes more mainstream, mature and accessible, we expect all members of our teams to learn and hone the necessary skills.  

In this month’s Cyber Second podcast, Evan Schuman and Veracode’s Pete Chestna discuss the skills a developer needs to be successful in a DevOps world.

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By Laura Paine

Laura Paine is a senior product marketing manager at Veracode, based in Burlington, MA.