/mar 15, 2018

Introducing Veracode Verified

By Asha May

Are you struggling to respond to customer and prospect concerns about the security of your application? Do you know what good application security looks like, or how to get there?

Veracode is pleased to announce the Veracode Verified program. With Veracode Verified, you prove at a glance that you’ve made security a priority, and that your security program is backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry. Without straining limited security resources, you’ll stay ahead of customer and prospect security concerns, speeding your sales cycle. In addition, the Veracode Verified program gives you a proven roadmap for maturing your application security program.

What is Veracode Verified?

Veracode Verified is an attestation of the process that a development team has in place to assess the security of an identified application. There are three tiers of the Veracode Verified program: You progress from Standard to Team to Continuous as your program matures and expands to include third-party components and secure coding strategies beyond just assessing the first-party code developed in-house. Check out our infographic for more details on each tier.

How will Veracode Verified benefit me?

Speed sales cycles: If your customers and prospects aren’t asking about the security of your software, they will be. With the increase in damaging breaches making headlines, customers, both consumers and businesses, will increasingly request assurance that your products won’t leave them vulnerable. But reacting to individual prospect or customer concerns about security for every application is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor that lengthens, or even ends, sales cycles. With Veracode Verified, you stay ahead of the security concerns by proving at a glance that your application was developed with security in mind, making security your competitive advantage!

Prove the security of your development process: Veracode Verified attests that your development team implements secure coding practices and has integrated security into the development process. This attestation assures your customers that you were focused on security from the start when building this product, and that you’ve made secure code an element of high-quality code. It also gives you third-party validation of the security of your software with one of the most respected and trusted names in the security industry. The Verified attestation is backed by Veracode’s industry-leading platform and programmatic approach, 10+ years’ experience , more than 65 trillion lines of code scanned and more than 30 million flaws fixed.

Don’t strain limited security resources responding to customer and prospect requests for security attestations: Remove your limited security resources from the endless firefighting that is responding to customer and prospect requests for security attestation. The Veracode Verified seal fosters confidence and trust in your products so that your security teams can focus resources on other value-added tasks and initiatives.

Articulate the value of investment in security to the Board: When security speeds sales cycles and frees up resources, the Board takes notice. Additionally, by moving through each tier, you can use the Verified program to demonstrate progress in application security initiatives and the value of the investment.

Is your app Verified?

Have you started down the AppSec path? As a Veracode customer, you might be Verified already! Check out our infographic for details on each level. If your application qualifies for a Verified status, there are a few ways you can promote the security you have built into your application , including a Verfied seal you can display on your website, an attestation letter you can share with customers and prospects and a press release template you can use to share the news. We’ll also add your name to our Verified Directory, visible to your prospects, customers and competitors.

Want to get Verified, or move up to Verified Team or Verified Continuous? Check out our eBook to see what that entails, and contact us to get started!

Give your customers confidence that your software is secure …Verify it.

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By Asha May

Asha leads the Customer Experience programs at Veracode, including the Veracode Community and Veracode Verified programs. Asha is passionate about the opportunity for better conversations, better engagement, and better alignment with customers through digital programs. Asha has held both services and marketing roles at Veracode since joining in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry.