/mar 9, 2021

Veracode Wins IT Central Station’s 2021 Peer Award for AST

By Colleen Reidy


Veracode was recently named the winner of IT Central Station’s 2021 Peer Award for application security testing (AST). Winners were chosen based on reviews from verified customers to help prospective buyers make well-informed, smart business decisions.

“Receiving positive feedback from our customers on the leading technology review site for cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT is a true testament to our products and services,” said Mark Bissell, Chief Customer Officer at Veracode.

The fact that our products are SaaS-based carries a lot of weight with our customers.

As the manager of information technology at a Broadcom corporation stated, “[Veracode] is SaaS hosted. That makes it very convenient to use. There is no initial time needed to set up an application. Scanning takes a matter of minutes. You just log in, create an application profile, associate a security configuration, and that's about it. It takes 10 minutes to start. The lack of initial lead time or initial overhead to get going is the primary advantage.”

“We were skeptical about running scans with a cloud-based solution, but then we saw the benefits,” said a cybersecurity expert from an IT consultancy company. “Everything is up to date without us having to lift a finger. We know we don't have to take care of maintenance.”

Our customers also appreciate that we help fix, not just find, flaws.

A senior security analyst at a wellness & fitness company remarked, “If a scan fails to meet our standard, the build breaks and the flaws are remediated before releasing to stage and, ultimately, production where the potential impact is much more costly. We have discovered opportunities to make our code even better thanks to Veracode!”

Aside from being the first native cloud-based AppSec vendor with a best-in-class secure coding tool and expert remediation, IT Central Station recently recognized us as a leading AST vendor for being DevSecOps friendly, offering multiple testing types, and keeping false positives to a minimum.

To learn more about our recent awards, or to read customer reviews, please visit our page on IT Central Station. And for additional customer testimonials, check out our recent success stories.

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By Colleen Reidy

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